An Assessment of the Google External Keyword Tool

If you are doing anything related to marketing on the Internet, I’m sure you must have heard from several sources that Google now shows numbers in their External Keyword Tool, as opposed to the little green bars in the past that don’t really tell a good enough story.

Today I received a follow up message from Jim Morris, founder of NicheBot with his assessment of the tool.

Its an excellent review, and it really speaks of Jim’s commitment to put NicheBot in the forefront of the Keyword Research industry. If you are going to do any kind of advertising on the Internet, this post will save you probably a month of your time – must read!


  1. Hi glad to be here found your link on Jims blog hope alls going well for you did you know when you put a whole lot of data together that is related tone subject, it can be collected to yield information. In other words, (sets of data) + (collection of related data sets) = information. Let’s say I want to buy a car. I can collect a lot of data about makes of cars, performance ratings, prices and so on. Once I do that, I have a lot of information about cars and the auto market. Until I think about this collection of data – this information – and put it in context, it is “dumb.” By that I mean it has no meaning. This is what we are flooded with every day. On the Internet, we can find lots and lots of information – dumb collections of data. Some of that information may be useful, and some of it may be accurate. But living in an “information age” means we are flooded all the time with access to more information than we can possibly have time to put in context. We don’t have time to decide what it means, and it comes at us so fast! The amount of information available to anyone in the world today is absolutely staggering, given historical standards. It is truly, literally mind-boggling.

    All my best to you and your ppc
    Phillip Skinner

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