SPH Search is coming! Watch out Google!

I met up with my SEO mentor two days ago over lunch and coffee and we chatted about the things going on in Singapore, and he brought up this article he read in the Straits Times, about Singapore Press Holdings coming out with a search engine to “supplant Google”!

SPH Search

Personally I think it is an interesting concept for SPH to come up with – a search engine delivering content localized to Singapore context… but I think its going to take time (a verrrry loooong time) before they are going to achieve their outcome!

As of today, Google.com.sg stands in number 4 the Singapore Alexa’s ranking, and as far I know, the first SPH owned site in the Singapore’s Alexa top 100 is Stomp.com.sg, which stands at 81! If they’d want to achieve their outcome in the shortest time possible, they’d better know what to do with this tip.

… and learn some SEO! If you figured it out, they didn’t even optimize their news headlines for their keyword!

Singapore Localised Search Engine SPH

It will be interesting to know how SPH Search progresses! :mrgreen:

Tell me… Do you think you will use SPH search at all?


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  2. Thanks for the link. It is now ranked #5 for the search terms sph search. Not bad for a 1-page web site.

    You are right, “sph search” is not a popular keyword and hardly searching for it in Google. I guess I am the only person that bothers as far as SEO is concerned. :mrgreen: