So, what has the Blogopreneur been up to?

Alrighties, its been over 20 days since I last posted or read my feeds… so I guess many of you are wondering – what has the Blogopreneur been up to?

Unleash Your Marketing GeniusFor the past three months, I’ve been spending over 12 – 14 hours away from home, since I’ve started full time work with a friend, so you can see that my number of posts have slowed down a lot, since the focus was more to help my friend push up his portal Its been both fun and tiring – my first time working on a portal, and along the way I’ve also picked up quite a lot of new tips on Joomla (well, I found out eventually that I hated it) and WordPress.

Anyway, as mentioned in my bloggy birthday post earlier this month, I am coming back! And now is the time.

In fact, right at this moment as I am typing this post, I’m in my hotel room in Kuala Lumpur, and in just 20 minutes, I’ll be leaving for KLCC to learn from Internet Marketing guru Stephen Pierce in his mega event Unleash Your Marketing Genius.

Really looking forward to the 4 days of intense learning!

Will update again soon. 😉


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  2. Hi. I am also attending the UYMG here in Kuala Lumpur. We bought the package in Singapore at World Internet Marketing in May. I’ve been expecting to have a lot of hands on during the workshop but I’m very disappointed because instead of doing hands on, we’re here to just listen to a lot of presenters. Too bad! My expectations are high and some presenters under delivered. I’m not gonna buy another package anymore.

  3. Already did… while Stephen is bla-bla-ing on the stage as usual. I have to commend him though. He’s really good in selling, probably the best seller among all the speakers. Don’t you think so?

  4. UYMG was a disappointing event. It was just an over-rated, over-priced and under-delivered repeat of World Internet Summit event minus the laptop. Laptops weren’t even used to its fullest capacity. It was only used for taking down notes. Internet connection sucks. Speakers were just average. Nobody even got a standing ovation. I felt ripped off.

  5. Joy, I have to admit, there were some speakers who did not deliver as well as expected and its true that the laptops were underused. In fact, the “prework” we were told to do before the event got us to install software which we didn’t even use!

    But there are also some concepts and tactics which I think are new and would be pretty useful to build a following of people.

  6. Kian Ann, I want to Thank You for putting your heart and soul on the project. For anyone who wants to truly appreciate the genius of this young man, here is the prove: has rocketed to in Alexa ranking from well over 1 million to about 200000+ in a space of two months. I wish you every success in unleashing your marketing genius and look forward to form a lasting, successful business partnership with you.