Comex 2007 Singapore

Singaporeans! Are you thinking of getting any computer peripherals to keep your blogging computer up to date? Well hold your horses, because the Singapore Comex 2007 is coming again! 🙂

Comex 2007 Singapore

Here the details of the IT exhibition:

30th August – 2nd September 2007
Suntec City Exhibition Centre
Entire Levels 1, 3, 4 & 6
Opening Hours: 12 noon to 9pm

Its crazy – Suntec City is going to filled with cars again. 😀

I’ll probably drop by one of the days, just to check out the latest gadgets and find out what the best deals are like, but I don’t need anything at the moment – I’m so comfortable with my Thinkpad X60s, docked to a 19″ screen at home :mrgreen: Maybe what I really need instead is an air-conditioner for my room!

Anyway, checked out the Comex 2007 Website for more details!


  1. So is this another of your Search Trend Optimization exercise?

    You are positioning yourself really early this time. Any idea who are the big players at Comex 2007? What are the latest range of computer and electronic products manufacturers are pushing to the crowd?

    I need a new notebook with discrete graphic card and HD resolution. Also I will need a new printer – color laser will be nice.

    Any recommendation?

  2. Eh… dun expose me la ;P Actually, for notebooks, I will still recommend an IBM Thinkpad (if you have the budget), or Dell (if you don’t!)

    My friend once recommended me – A good and light Thinkpad should last 3 years, for $3000, and a Dell will last you 1 year for $1000 (but it’ll be heavy) 🙂

    There will be supplements and news about the hottest deals in Comex 2007 in the following papers:

    1. DIGITAL LIFE ON 28th August 07 (Tuesday)
    2. THE STRAITS TIMES ON 30th August 07 (Thursday)
    3. TODAY Newspapers ON 30th August 07 (Thursday)

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