The fear of corporate blogging and the age of secret formulas

Fear of Corporate BloggingOver at Blogging for Profit (Part 3) in Yian’s Entrepreneur Daily, she told us that one of the reasons why people (particiularly Asians) sometimes fear business blogging is the fear of possibly letting secrets out of the bag, and the inability to innovate and be creative.

As Asians, we tend to be a little closeted in our thinking and afraid that someone might copy our idea and so on – a fear perhaps heighted by lack of insecurity and confidence in our ability to continue to innovate and continue to be creative.

Of course, this fear is justifiable – companies in the past have operated from an “I’ve got a secret formula to do XYZ, so pay me to do it” perspective.

The issue is … will this value proposition work today? With information readily available by using just your finger on your mouse and the ability to reach out to companies worldwide in a few keystrokes, will this “I’ve got a secret formula” proposition work?

I don’t know, I don’t think so.

The idea that the Internet is disintermediator is not new. Manufacturers now ship direct to their customers, they no longer need those distributors, or those retail shops. We all know how Dell does it, right?

Then so what happens to the distributors? Well, frankly, unless they innovate and be creative in providing value, they will go extinct! Isn’t it true? Its a sad fact, and its not something that everybody would want, but we all have to accept it.

In the Internet economy, there are no more keeping secrets formulas, only true value creation. Continuous innovation is no longer optional, but mandatory.

What is the value that your business creates? If you are confident of the value you create, you will know for sure you won’t fear corporate blogging. If not, its time for you to relook at your business.

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