WordPress upgrade almost broke my blog!

Phew! I felt I learnt a lesson today… to follow instructions!

I was upgrading this blog to WordPress 2.2, and halfway along my installation process, along came an unfriendly error message that went something like this!

Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 46080 bytes)

The main page of the blog was still up running, but I couldn’t access my back end. I couldn’t upgrade, I couldn’t add new posts… nothing! I thought that this was it!

Good thing I searched up the error message and found that it was not a serious issue, and I got into the WordPress forums, where someone else had the same issue a while ago.

Apparently, the upgrade script was trying to take up too much memory (beyond the default limit of 8MB), and it was because I hadn’t disabled my Plugins before my upgrade. You know the lazy me! 😛 So I had to log into the database backend (phpMyAdmin) to manually disable the Plugins, run the script, and then enable them again.

So now I see the reason why Matt and team tells us to disable the WordPress Plugins before we upgrade. You can be sure I’ll do that for my next upgrade, and also make sure I backup my database before I do any drastic changes to the installation.

Well, it always requires a lesson like this before someone learns, isn’t it?


  1. Ha ha 🙂 Lucky I always follow instruction. Backup, disable plug-in, copy files, and install. No problem so far when I am updating some of my blogs.

    But will keep in mind about your mistakes. I tends to lazy sometimes too.

  2. Hey Johnny,

    Hehe… Yeah it doesn’t pay to be lazy, especially when you are not a geek who knows the ins and outs of WordPress.

    Anyway, I encountered a similar problem on another blog, and the funny thing is that on that blog, no plugins were installed! I was not upgrading – I was just uploading a photo and this same error message popped up!

    I’ve found a workaround at Tech Receipes.com… but its not really recommended. (Your webhost will hate you for sucking up their resources!)

  3. Alot of people having v2.2 problems upgrade

    i havn’t upgraded myself

    waiting for the minor issues to be fixed with the fix patch

  4. I had a similar “lock out” experience while upgrading to 2.2. As usual, I was being lazy and didn’t disable my plugins. When I attempted to hit the upgrade button, bam, everything went hay wire. Errors in functions php, referring me to line numbers that didn’t even exist. It was terrible. Turns out when you upgrade to 2.2 you should disable Kings Widget plug-ins. WP doesn’t like you to use some other Widget plug-in when it already has its own. =)

  5. I’m definitely going to deactivate plugins from now on after reading this post. I updated the other day, and didn’t deactivate. Now a few things in the admin panel won’t work. It’s not bad enough that it’s a problem since I don’t use the items not working, but I don’t want next time to end up being what happened to you. Thanks for posting this to remind us lazy folks to read the instructions…:)

  6. I’m a bit lazy too, but fortunately, I’ve never run into problems upgrading, even when I forget to deactivate my plugins. I don’t usually forget, but I did when I upgraded to 2.2. Luckily, the upgrade went smoothly. Even so, your experience shows what can happen. I’ll have to keep that in mind.

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  9. Kian Ann, thank you for sharing your experience. I did not know the instructions say to disable all plug-ins prior to upgrading.

    Thanks for helping me avoid a panic-attack!

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  13. I had a related problem – I didn’t disable my plugins for the upgrade to WP 2.2, and one of the plugins was incompatible with 2.2, and it broke the whole site! I will definitely be disabling my plugins this time around.

  14. Hey Meredith,

    I guess it really doesn’t pay to be lazy 😛 I was always wondering why the need to go thru the hassle, until that error popped out 😀

  15. i got problem too while i upgrading my wp to 2.2 version.i disable already all of plugin except askismet, could it be the trouble ?

  16. Hey Rama, after a while I figured out that WordPress itself is already taking up the memory.

    Try this. Add this line to your .htaccess file

    php_value memory_limit 16M