Blog design – if you are in this list, then you are out of your readers favourites!

Daily Blog Tips has a list of 43 web design mistakes that is a must read for anybody who wants your website to be visited and enjoyed by other readers.

1. The user must know what the site is about in seconds
2. Make the content scannable
3. Do not use fancy fonts that are unreadable
4. Do not use tiny fonts
5. Do not open new browser windows
6. Do not resize the user’s browser windows
7. Do not require a registration unless it is necessary
8. Never subscribe the visitor for something without his consent
9. Do not overuse Flash
10. Do not play music
11. If you MUST play an audio file let the user start it
12. Do not clutter your website with badges
13. Do not use a homepage that just launches the “real” website
14. Make sure to include contact details
15. Do not break the “Back” button
16. Do not use blinking text
17. Avoid complex URL structures
18. Use CSS over HTML tables
19. Make sure users can search the whole website
20. Avoid “drop down” menus
21. Use text navigation
22. If you are linking to PDF files disclose it
23. Do not confuse the visitor with many versions
24. Do not blend advertising inside the content
25. Use a simple navigation structure
26. Avoid “intros”
27. Do not use FrontPage
28. Make sure your website is cross-browser compatible
29. Make sure to include anchor text on links
30. Do not cloak links
31. Make links visible
32. Do not underline or color normal text
33. Make clicked links change color
34. Do not use animated GIFs
35. Make sure to use the ALT and TITLE attributes for images
36. Do not use harsh colors
37. Do not use pop ups
38. Avoid Javascript links
39. Include functional links on your footer
40. Avoid long pages
41. No horizontal scrolling
42. No spelling or grammatical mistakes
43. If you use CAPTCHA make sure the letters are readable

Some of them are really dead no-nos, like (36) using harsh colors (Have you seen those terrible websites with pink words on bright yellow background?!?) while some others are less serious. Still, it is a great list go though whenever you decide to publish a new site.

Oh, that thing about (28) making your blog cross browser compatible. Am I just plain technically stupid, or is it really plain impossible to format a page with CSS and make it look exactly alike (at least, for the alignment of elements) between Internet Explorer and Firefox? I’ve been fiddling with a design for days, and while the designs still look okay on both browsers (like this blog), I still can’t get something to look alike in both browsers.

Most of the designs look as intended on Firefox and then get messed up in IE. Dang! Seriously, I hope the world surfs with Firefox. :mrgreen:


  1. One would tend to think that websites that manifest the worst kinds of boo-boos are a thing of the past. Yet, I still come across some sites that blow me away (not in a good way). Loud colours and animated gifs are of course quite archaic, though still present. But poor organisation of content and unsightly composition of pages are rampant. Needless to say, grammar and spelling mistakes are an epidemic! Sometimes, the chaos and difficulty in navigation quite literally give me a headache. While, it is forgivable if the site in question is a personal blabber page, it’s really ghastly when the pages belong to a prominent organisation.

    When in doubt, KISS, keep it simple stupid.

  2. Thanks Mad Cook,

    The KISS principle is really one that many should pay attention to. Whether it is in terms of design, or search optimization, simplicity is a key factor in making the site successful!

  3. My site meets all of these in the good way and still not getting any users 🙁

    its a gaming news, review, updates website like Qj

  4. Hey Alk!

    No no! Getting your site friendly to visitors are one thing, getting visitors and getting listed on search engines are another thing altogether!

    You still have to market your site!

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  6. Hey Mike,

    I think there are two sides of the coin regarding following links. On one hand, I would really love to reward my commentors, and on the other, by not following – the links in my blogroll would be more powerful. Its really up to you how you want to manage your site. 🙂

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