Your readers want simple English!

Copywriting for Blog MarketingThe peeps at Blog Tutorials posted something a while ago that I felt was a simple concept yet very true – technical words may dismay your blog audience.

In school we were all taught and learn and pump up our vocabulary – so that we can impress our exam script markers whenever we needed to write scripts or answer questions. But I have really observed that in the business world, especially in marketing and copywriting, these words are really rare and few. Ultimately, what is important in any passage or article is that you bring across a message.

Using bombastic words will only interrupt a reader’s thoughts and get the to think “What does this word mean?”

Think… how many times did you bother to take out a dictionary, or even check for a word you are unfamiliar with? None? Well, for me, I don’t think I ever had. And what can potentially go wrong is that your reader may misinterpret the meaning of your message!

I’d think I’d rather read a page or words written in clear simple English (that even a 12 year old can understand), rather than one paragraph of complex words I have no idea about. Instead of trying to score for an excellent English essay, consider more creative writing, using metaphors, or use words that “paint pictures” in your readers’ minds.

These are more effective.

I remember I attended a seminar (I forgot who!) and the speaker was putting across this same point, about using metaphors. He gave the example by explaining what is a resistor. The first time, he explained using technical terms, something that went like “A resistor is an electronic component that resists an electric current by producing a voltage drop….” It was a turn off!

Then in the second example, he drew us a picture of a funnel, explaining that a resistor is like a funnel. Just imagine that the water is the electrical current. When you apply a current to one side, of the resistor, what it does is it reduces the voltage of the current on the other end.

So nice. So easy. So effective!

And you know what? All these apply to writing your blog as well. In order for you to communicate will with your readers, remember to write in English that your readers will understand. Since we are reaching out to the world with every blog, also be sure to note for slangs. While people in your country might find that it nice, others may miss out the whole point!

I guess the only time you want to be bombastic is when you want to market to the professors in a university! Oops. :mrgreen:


  1. yup kian ann,

    keep it simple and sweet.

    I like the idea of bringing the message across so that its as gd as young people can understand what we’re writing.

  2. Hi.

    The secret of being a great communicator is to get your point across in the language your audience understands and this should be done in a clear and concise manner.

    So I agree, simple english is the way to go. 🙂

    All the best!
    Miguel Alvarez

  3. “I am highly-entertained in this very well-established manuscript of a blog that keeps me in a commenting frenzy since 2006!”

    lol Actually, I just meant to say I LIKE YOUR BLOG! But I wished I came online much earlier than 2007. Your blog is insightful!

    Yep, “keep it simple”! Feel free to comment in my blog too, Kian Ann!