Success Comes From Successful Habits

Char from Casual Keystrokes tagged me a couple days ago asking me to share my secret successful habits, and well, frankly, everyone knows the secret to success is its actually no big secret. Its hard work!

Simply Successful Secrets

Here are my top 3 anyway!

  1. A learner’s attitude – I think having a learner’s attitude is by far the most essential element for success. In this world of change, the things in the buzz today get outdated by tomorrow. We must recognize this, and realise that the only way to keep current is to keep learning. The other aspect of the learner’s attitude is how it affects your personality. Accepting to learn makes you a humble person, and this makes it easy and pleasant for anyone to communicate with you.
  2. Daring to do what I want – I believe that everyone should really live their own lives and do what they really want to do. Too many people fall into the “system”, the “rat race” or whatever they call it, and they regret it when its too late (and I hear this personally from the people are stuck in that rat race). That is why I have taken time to think whether the system is really for me, and really go all out to define my own life. In one of Tony’s recent post, he asks “Is your story worth reading?” Is your life as interesting as you wish it to be?
  3. Self Discipline – Well, there are times where I fall off and get into a blunder, lazing around not getting any work done, but one essential element of working at home is self discipline. If you schedule says you have to work, then you have to work, no matter how sleepy you are. Having a schedule is one part of the story, following it is the part that defines how successful you are.

I’ll pass this on to a few Singapore bloggers:

  1. Calvin Woon
  2. John Tan
  3. Glenn Tan
  4. Alvin Phang

What are your successful habits? Here, go ahead and share yours!


  1. Pleasure Char, participating in memes like this are part of the fun of blogging right? I should say, thanks for tagging me! 🙂

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  3. beleave the presence of god 1. fight in life till last minute and yours difficulties will be unable to defeat you
    2. perform meditation and relaxation to make you humble person

  4. Thanks Vinay!

    It is great to spend time meditating just relaxing indeed. Takes one’s mind off things to really reflect on the things that are happening.

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  6. Kian Ann,

    Thanks for participating in Simply Successful Secrets!

    I love what you said about having a learner’s attitude. That is some seriously solid advice.

    With all of the “how-to” information that is available today, people think that just one more book or just one more program will give them all of the information that they need to succeed, when in all actuality, the learning never ends.

    Great stuff, and thanks again for sharing your success secrets!

  7. Agree with you on the definitions of success. Of course, other than that, sometimes God’s will also makes a lot of difference. To me, I tend to view success with a more philosophical outlook. It doesn’t really merely mean material success since that can be quite ephemeral and temporary. Rather, true success should be something holistic in our professional and personal lives. I do know many who are rich and powerful beyond our wildest dreams yet wearing a perpetual frown on their faces all the time.

  8. Aaron – Thanks for dropping by! Its a great time to think over the habits that govern our lives – so we make sure we keep to them!

    Walter – Yes, success needs to be holistic, not only financially. I think ultimately, we really have to find that balance that “makes us happy”.

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