My Next Blog Optimization Project – KC See’s

A few days ago, my business and CPT mentor Mr KC See, CEO of Quest Group and MasteryAsia, announced to the community that he has started a blog! It was a great choice to start with WordPress, and host it on their own domain. Here is what it looks like currently, using the default Kubrick theme.

KC See’s Blog

Over the next few weeks, I will be helping to optimize and market this blog – so you will see updates to it soon!

Oh, by the way, what KC is sharing on his blog are his years of business knowledge and experience, so you can’t afford not to read his blog! Well… what to do – he started training people when I was three years old! :mrgreen:


  1. So our 师父 finally got down to write his blog. I see you have a lot to teach him about blogging. And he definitely need an unique template layout that will portray his personality – the “fire” type.

    I am sure his blog will top with your help!

  2. “A Chartered Accountant and Chartered Secretary, K.C. was trained in USA and Japan in Human Resource Development, Organization Development and Consultancy. ”

    You must remind KC to work on his About page. The first para is a suicide act. If you don’t grab the interest of the reader within the first 2 seconds, you lost them.

    I knew his profile beforehand, but if I didn’t I wouldn’t bother after reading that.

  3. hey Kevin,

    Sure! Actually, I’m yet to have the opportunity to meet up with the people involved and work on optimizing the blog. 🙂

  4. Well, it would be interesting to catch up with KC & his latest doings via his blog. 😀 Seriously though, it would help if someone edited his blog for grammatical mistakes & such. Ok, I’m finnicky about such things but it seems such a shame that a “could be great” blog blighted by basic language faults.