A faulty hard disk is frustrating

Updates have been slow on this blog lately, and I really apologise for that. My computer is giving me really weird problems – and as I am typing this, the other partition in my hard disk where I store all my data, is lost again. Its happened the 5th time (or 6th?) since this week, its frustrating.

Does anyone have a remedy for this? If not, I guess I’ll have to go get a new hard disk tomorrow and do my final reformat.

So, the lunar new year holidays are over and its time to get back to work, hopefully after all the hard disk issues have been settled, I’ll get back to my regular posting schedule.

Over the holidays, I’ve also gave some thought to my blogging strategy – and I’ve come to realise that I need to focus on maybe up to three blogs, at a maximum. I’d rather build three good blogs than 20 blogs with no traffic or whatsoever.

Well, one could have 20 blogs, but in order to update each of them regularly would be terribly time consuming. Since I need to work on other projects like my training programs and the other stuff in the pipeline, I guess I’m better off focusing on three.

No worries – this one will stay, for sure.

Catch up again when I’ve got my new hard disk.


  1. Remedy…
    1) Have multiple backups.
    2) Leverage hosted environments to backup data too.
    3) Consider Raid1/5 software driven raid.
    – this creates virtual raid even on a single hard drive. If the entire disk fail, then its not useful, but if you get bad sectors or partition failure, there is still hope.
    4) Consider hardware raid. This is more expensive but now they have personal raid systems out there.

    Hope everything gets better. Cheers.

  2. Agree that you need to rationalise the total number of blogs. With some 60 million blogs out there, majority of which are spammy, trying to make anything more than 2 or 3 blogs is going to take a disproportionate amount of time and become a Herculean Task! It is always better to focus your energies and time on the 2 or 3 things which matter rather than let it be diluted with 20 different items.

  3. Harro!

    Yeah I do backup my data, although sometimes I forgot to. I think I should make it a habit to just drag the files to my external harddisk before I sleep everyday. (ehh.. but I don’t sleep regularly!)

    I’m working on a laptop – is there a software raid solution that can help me mirror to an external drive when I am docked, and synchronise the files when I “get docked”?

  4. Walter!

    After getting busy with my own stuff, I finally realise that working life ain’t that fun afterall, and its feat you are doing with your CoolerInsights blog.

    I can’t imagine myself maintaining 3 blogs if I’m not doing this as part of work or business. Great job! 😉

  5. Hi Kian Ann, I am pretty sure there are RAID software out there for Windows. Increasingly I think they might actually start including into the base OS.

    Maybe you can run a scheduled task in windows to copy stuff at set times to the external drive? (assuming that the drive is connected)

    My new Mac has software raid, but I haven’t enabled it. I’m also new to the applescripting, but I guess I could consider getting back into shell/cron scripting. 🙂

    The easy way i guess is to still use that external harddrive. 🙂

    When’s the next blog training? I’m looking forward to it… 🙂

  6. Harro, thanks! I guess I will have to spend some time searching for the software RAID solution. Meanwhile, I’ll settle for manual copying into the external hard drive.