Bookmarks Explosion for 28 January 2007

Bookmarks ExplosionI was supposed to post this yesterday but I got caught up with work! Gosh! I’m working on a Sunday again! :mrgreen:

Enjoy these articles I’ve collected over the last week!

  1. Want to really scrutinize your site for dead links? This might be the perfect application for you! Moreover, its free!
  2. CEOs and blogs are a perfect match. They should get married tomorrow. 5 times!
  3. What do we really mean by Organic SEO? This report on SEO News reveals it all.
  4. Singaporeans listen up! Heard of the Well… Adam Wong shares that its nothing but scam.
  5. Did you know you can have category feeds in WordPress? Its been around all the time!
  6. Have you heard of Social Media Press Releases? I heard they are oxymorons!
  7. Neil from Pronet Advertising says you should not only participate in Digg, but also learn from your Diggs!
  8. Its one month into 2007 already. Time flies. Have you started living 2007 yet? Liz shows you how you can start living.
  9. I would agree that not all companies would need a blog. Mike from Converstations backs up with 5 great points when you should think of NOT blogging for your company.
  10. To add on to Mike’s brilliant work, Lorelle also shares when you should stop blogging.
  11. Get started with these 25 tips to optimize your blog for search engines, and you know you will be on the way!
  12. Installing WordPress is part one. After you are done with installing, go through this post install checklist!
  13. Brian is back again with his power writing about copywriting. Check out how you can write SEO copywriting that readers will love!
  14. Web 2.0? Its Web 3.0 now! … and Ted explains what Web 3.0 is about.

Yikes, I’m getting pretty busy lately, so pardon me for the slow updates. I’m reaching out to change the world today – with a 2 hour seminar on blog marketing for beginners… and thanks to Liz for her initiative!


  1. Thanks Liz, for your kind comments. I’m who I am today only because of the people I mix around with, offline and online! 😉

    Adam, great knowing about your blog too! 🙂