Fortune 500 Blog Review: American Express

Fortune 500 Blogs ProjectSo according to my blog editorial calendar I shall follow. Today shall be a day I continue with my Fortune 500 Blog Review, and today I am investigating the card you should never leave home without – the American Express!

Let start from the Amex Website

Nope. No signs of any blogs whatesoever – at least not in the menus or search. Searching does give you a business resources page where it does list a few weblogs, specifically:

But I’ve checked them out and they are not blogs owned by American Express. They are listed there to give visitors resources a fresh perspectives and shared insights by these business related blogs.

I tried using site: blog command and what turned out was links to two press releases – one about a sponsorship of a TV program and another about some celebrations of a film festival. No blogs.

Technorati / Google BlogSearch

There are a lot of mentions of “American Express” or “Amex” in Technorati and Google Blog Search, but most of the mentions are either about the customer’s experience with their services or about their finances.

One particularly interesting post is this – saying that

American Express is, to put it simply the Pepsi of the credit card world, viz a familiar name but always a second choice. Lets examine why. Who is responsible?

Well. :mrgreen:

Oh this is nice! Amex might not have a blog (at least as what I have searched until now) but they certainly take part in the blogosphere’s conversations! Check out this post! It is a post with commentary about unethical opt ins, and Gail Wasserman, the Vice President of Public Affairs & Communications in Europe actually responded to the post with a comment to resolve and clarify the issue.

Wonderfully done! (Now I won’t be surprised if another Amex PR executive drops by this review) 😛


Oops! The first entry that came up in both “American Express Blog” and “Amex Blog” was this – Not a very good thing to have listed first. Also among the entries are some commentary about misleading commercials and a entry about American Express paying bloggers to write.

But no. No signs of blogs owned by the company themselves.

Lets try Yahoo!

Found some flickr photos about them inviting people to RSS! Cools! mmm… apart from that, nothing much. Still no official corporate blogs.

Well so that’s it! No public facing corporate blogs by the credit card company, but from the searches and pages I’ve surfed to, I can see that they certainly are into using the web and the blogosphere for marketing and public relations, which is a great move. :mrgreen:

Do you think American Express could have done their public relations better with a public facing blog? Would a blog like that have consolidated all the unhappy expressions and feedback in the blogosphere and on the web in one place where they can be openly addressed?


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