Bookmarks Explosion: 29 Dec 2006

Bookmarks ExplosionI haven’t been reading my feeds for these two days due to the slow access, and when I did, whoa! It was a whole lot of good stuff. Here are they.

  1. If you’ve not been following the Better Business Blogging blog, do so now, but before that, check out their top 10 posts of this year.
  2. Top Rank blog ranks their top posts too!
  3. Another powerful post by Darren at Blog Republic – are you waiting for (your blog’s) death?
  4. A very inspirational post by Liz to keep writing and publishing everyday. Will blogging take over Mahjong in the future? :mrgreen: I mean… if people play Mahjong to keep their brains alive in their old age after retirement because it is apparantly a “thinking game”, why not write and publish instead?
  5. Mike’s third habit of blogginglisten, then engage… and trust him. If you read your feeds first before you start your blog post everyday, you will find how much more intellectual and well informed your post will seem. 🙂
  6. DM News shares four reasons why your business should blog next year… but I think December 30th 2006 and December 31st 2006 are great days to start blogs too!
  7. Looking for more solid blogs to read for 2007? Copyblogger Brian shares the blogs that he reads that ROCK! Whee!! Get hooked on them today!
  8. If you’ve just started with blogging, its time to get into your newsreader and start subscribing to feeds. Business blog consulting has a video to show you how.


  1. I love your comparison of blogging and playing mahjong. Mind exercises, huh?

    But then you don’t play mahjong, do you?

    If you play mahjong, when you are old enough, you will get your “kaki” to play online mahjong! And then you blog about your losses… 😉

  2. Haha… I know how to play, but I think I will never play Mahjong to any extent. Perhaps, a little, for enjoyment.

    I remember that once I condemned Mahjong because it is highly ineffective way to spend time – cash flows only around that 4 people! :mrgreen: