Okay, I give up and I’m sharing, and I’ll call them…

Over at MicroPersuasion, Sleepyblogger, and 7CM Internet Marketing Blog, they call them links.

ProBlogger and BlogChalkTalk calls this Speedlinking

Pronet Advertising likes to play Catchup

Signal Vs Noise sees them as Sunspots

Successful Blog goes to the SOB cafe

ConverStations says they are WhistleStops

Blogger’s Blog got them as Blogosphere Highlights

I’d have to be different! I’ll call them my…

Bookmarks Explosion!

Bookmarks ExplosionGuess what? I’m tired of keeping bookmarks of nice articles to myself.

I bookmark them because I want to get back to them someday to do a full post on each of them because they are so good. But I failed. Awwww… I figured that the new ones keep coming, and the list just grows and grows… and grows. I figured out why you have links, speedlinking, sunspots, catchups, whistlestops and blogosphere highlights.

Because you guys are too quick, and too good!

So I lose! I admit defeat! I’ve shown the white flag! :mrgreen: Sigh, if only I could just read, think and “import brain”. Do they have a plugin for this in WordPress? Hmm… do I have to connect my brain with a USB cable for that, or can just transfer via Bluetooth? Gosh! Will my brain be hacked or spammed?

Argh… Don’t mind me.

Anyway, so from now I will stop putting stress on my Firefox bookmarks and be less selfish. 😉

Here what I have for today’s explosion

Okay, these are the more recent ones… for the further dated ones… errrrrmm… *scratches head* Its a looooong list. :mrgreen:

I know I should be using a social bookmarking service… just haven’t got down to doing it yet 🙂


  1. Kian – I love it! Bookmarks Explosion is going to be a hit (and I really need to get back on track with Whistle Stops).

    You introduce two new sites for my eyes and highlight a few articles I missed on others.

    Thank you!

  2. Thanks Mike and Char! Its my pleasure. I love your blogs too~! But pardon me, cos I really have a problem in catching up with feed reading.

    Hmm… Any WordPress plugin to import feeds into brain? :mrgreen: Too much holiday mood. Sorry. 😛

  3. http://del.icio.us i use that to store all my bookmarks, I’ve had allot of trouble with firefox as it keeps looking my bookmarks so i use that but the site allows you to put a description for it etc… so give it a go, then you can share the link with us :D.

  4. Thanks Mike! I do have a delicious account, and I’ve had it for some time already… but I just find that keeping my bookmarks there is quite a hassle, and it takes time to load… I think I’m too impatient!