Working at Home in Singapore

Work at Home in SingaporeTwo days ago met up with a few officers from a reputable educational institution in Singapore and in our discussions I was telling them about my endeavours on blogging and my dream lifestyle to be able to work at home (or rather, anywhere with an Internet connection).

It seems to me that the notion of being able to “work on the net and reach out to the whole wide world” still sounds unbelievable to many who have been in the job industry for most part of their lives.

But it is true isn’t it?

… and I won’t say it is easy, because the ability to do so requires a real paradigm shift, and a true belief in technology overcoming all those challenges that were faced by businesses before the Internet started.

From my own server stats, most of my readers are from the USA, and Singapore, my hometown, comes in second!

So while Singapore can be much more technologically advanced, it still takes time for people’s beliefs to change.

The Internet is just born.

Just for the fun of it readers, do drop me a comment on this post, and tell me where you are from! 🙂


  1. In case this comment makes it…

    Kian I’ve been working from home for the past many years and I live comfortably. Very hard work, but it’s worth it.

  2. This is interesting. I have found that older people definitely have a hard time understanding remote work. To them, if you’re not down the hall, you’re too far away. I guess even the telegraph took a while to catch on, though.

    I’m from the U.S.

  3. Hahaha… Mike – I reread the post again this morning and I understand why you say I went a little off track.

    The idea of getting you to list where you are from shows what are the countries this blog reaches to~! Its really a global business behind my 12.1″ screen!

  4. Andrew, yeah I think one of the major concerns about an Internet business (to the elder generation) is with regard to security of payments.

    Its no wonder actually, since there have been so many fraud cases around, and like all other news, the bad news travels the furthest!

    But come to think of it, comparing a offline and online credit card transaction, the online one is safer! It is tougher to break into the online payment protocol!

  5. Amrit – wow, wonderful! I just got started 😛 So I have lots to learn from you! I think it takes a lot of discipline to be able to work at home (considering I have a comfy bed just three steps from my “office”!)

  6. ………I am a grandma of 3 lovely grandkids. A true-bred Singaporean, divorced, just gave up a lucrative employment agency in Singapore to be with my daughter in Hawaii. I have been working all my life, from typist to secretary to office manager since the age of 19. Am now 64, still working happily as an employee on a part-time basis. Am looking for some work where I can earn some dollars at home when I return to Singapore end December from Hawaii………….Am I too over-the-hill, Kian Ann?

    All the best………Sally

  7. …Hi Kian Ann – been back for a month now. Since there was no comments from my message to you, I take it that I am not favourable to think of “working from home” I don’t believe in sitting in front of the box at home doing nothing constructive, so should you have anything that really interest me, let me know 🙂
    I work good and I am very active mentally. At my age, 64, the word “retirement” is not and will never be in my vocab…Sally

  8. I am seriously looking into an extremely challenging mind puzzle game for the very young from age 5 up to 80+ . THis game MUST be originally created, so obviously cannot be a copy of a copy. Yeah, hopefully, I can commence working from home?

    Anyone who created such a game, please email me and we can discuss this further……Sally

  9. Hi. We will be relocating soon to singapore in a few months for my husband’s work. I a finance professional and i would like to explore options of working from home there in singapore. although, as of the moment, i dont have any idea yet of what or where should i start to explore this option. would be able to help me understand this more? thanks!

  10. Hi – Isn’t anyone out there willing to put on a thinking cap to create a mind puzzle game for kids to adult?

    Perhaps something might interest the ladies….if u can sew good, give some thought to making string bikinis……….email me anytime should someone is keen in this line..who knows it might turn out to be profitable for local and overseas market !!

  11. Am also interested to work from home.. Could anyone help me abt this.. I have 3.5 yrs experience as a software professional and now a stay at home for the past 1 year. Could anyone guide me to work from home.

  12. Kian Ann, you hit the problem in the head. Many Singaporeans actually dont need to work for someone, especially if you have a least a GCE. Working from home on the Internet beat everything. Yet I still see people stress up wondering if they can get their job, especially in the current recession.

  13. Hi Sally,

    I understand that you are looking for a biz opportunity. Franklty speaking, I really think your idea is a very great one indeed…. I am very interested too. If you don’t mind, we can discuss further.. =-D

    You can get me at

    Best Regards

  14. Hi I just dropped by and saw many queries on work at home. I have a Home based business from America and I’m doing p/t we earn real money every mth credited into our posb acc. I just started but many moms dads and more earning about few hundreds to few thousands a mth. We meet up very often so we r real ppl doing real business. If you r interested u can go to d link.

  15. Yes. I am working from home and earning a stable income and lots of other corporate benefits . Contact me and we can discuss further.

  16. From what I know, real work at home job do not require money to be invested in the first step

  17. Hi Deeps
    I am from Singapore, and interested in working from home.Your suggestions are greatly appreciated

  18. hi, am kathy from singapore…i am very much interested to try working from home..would you be able to give suggestion on how i can start or where i can apply for this job? ive been checking out the internet but a few of them needs a membership there any company or group who i can contact to help me start this kind of job? ur reply would be greatly appreciated. thanks

  19. Hi there,

    I was just thinking of looking for options to quit my job to be with my 2 year old son. It is hard to send him to childcare and fall sick every month. I couldnt concentrate at work and having to take leave, and that leads to no holiday by year end.

    I would really appreciate if anyone could advise or share about opportunity for working from home.

    Looking forwartd to suggestions.


  20. Dr Teo, you have an interesting offer and thanks for sharing.

    Indeed it’s mind boggling for Singapore traditionalistas, who’ve grown up seeing their parents work hard at 9-5 jobs and themselves going through the education system and fighting for a 9-5 job, to see and visualise how a work at home job can be gratifying.

    No doubt there’s risks, but which work doesn’t come with its risks?

    Do check out my website ( as I share the experience and lessons of working at home. Everyone’s welcomed.

  21. I am looking for an opportunity to work from home.

    I want to stay outside the office jungle, the office politics and be free from the 9 to midnight job, and meet with nice people with heart.

    I hope to hear from anyone who have a heart for me, ie who can advise and help.

  22. Hi,I am interested in exploring the conditions and benefits in working at home. Please advise.Thank you!

  23. I would like to find out more about work from home. Really tiring with the never ending workload in the office. Hope to spend more time with my adorable kids! Looking forward for your advise.

  24. Hi.. im interested as well. Want to be able to spend more time with my kids too.

    Please advise. Thanks 😉

  25. Hi there, i am interested to work from home too, and earn more cash. Do tell me about it. I have 3 gce o levels, currently have been in publishing as a graphic artist for 4 years. My pay still sucks! Haha. I am from singapore.

  26. I need a job that allow me to work at home. I went thru many website but all just want you to pay & sign up as member that I feel mostly are scam. Can anyone tell me any real home based job avaliable ? I really need some extra income urgently.

  27. Hi,
    I am in Singapore and looking out for work from home jobs. Can you please suggest me a good and genuine one with zero investment.

    Thanks & Regards,

  28. Hi Ranjeetha,

    I have a home business model that will suit anyone.
    Easiest you will ever see.
    Contact me soon.

    See you.

  29. hi im interested to work from home….. N earn an extra income.ive seen a lot of scams for the work frm home schemes…is there a real work from home which is not a scam??

  30. Hi, is there any work that allow me to do it at home and take care of my mother at the same time? If yes, pls let me know as currently I am not working. Thank you so much!