I’m tagged!… and I’m really R.O.F.L.!

Alright dudes.

I was tagged by Ted! (Hey that rhymes! :mrgreen:), and Ted wants me to reveal 5 (blogging related) secrets about myself!

Let’s do a drumroll… haha…

Secret #5!

My only real pet I’ve ever had was a guppy (actually it was my brother’s)… and that lasted one day. The rest of my “pets” are computers. πŸ˜› So I talk to computers very much :mrgreen: okay okay, I’m half geek. Happy? :mrgreen:

Secret #4!

I am a bloody perfectionist. So much so, it irritates me sometimes, because that makes me very slow in doing things. Sometimes I take over two hours to write one blog post, reading it over and over and over again before I click publish. I have read the blog marketing book (borrowed from the library) twice and yet I bought it over Amazon to make sure I internalize every single idea from the book. πŸ˜‰

Secret #3!

I’m getting FAT! 😳 Erm… what does this gotta do with blogging? Because sitting in front of the computer 8 hours a day drinking coffee and tea (with milk) makes me fat! (:oops: Oops, leaked another 2 more secrets there)

Secret #2!

I sometimes very often stay up all night to blog. Yeah. Some of you know that. Tonight is going to be another sleepless night because I want to get done with my e-course! Sometimes, when I am sleepy, I blog till I sleep in front of my computer. πŸ˜› Not very good for health, I know.

Secret #1!

Hahaha… Boo! :mrgreen: I’m a MALE. I’m a guy. Malay: Lelaki. German: Mann. Italian: maschio. Spanish: varón… okay okay… I’ve got help from Google translate for everything apart from the Malay one…

But yeah. Is that a secret? I don’t know. It seems that quite a lot of people have been calling me a “She” lately! πŸ˜› My friend told me its because of my “Ann” in my “Kian Ann”… but well… what can I do?

No worries for all those who did. I’m REALLY laughing it off. Its a blog, and its fun, so forget about it. Don’t amend your posts πŸ˜‰ I remember once I was working as a sales assistant for a retail store and I received a letter of commendation after all the hard work… and it said “Dear Miss Kian Ann”.

I still have that letter in my cupboard. Its classic.

Notice that big face on the sidebar now? NO! Not that yellowish-freak-that-never-stops-smiling! :mrgreen: Its the one under the word “Author”!… Yeah, that’s me. Haha… I guess that is not a big secret to everyone, I know some people who know that I am a male, and its no wonder why (I think it was) Easton asked me how my “Ann” was pronounced over our Skype chat.

Did I scare you? :mrgreen:

Now you know why I am ROFL. :mrgreen:

Hmm… who shall I tag next? Here are the five. Mike! Hart! Chad! Shi! and Harrace or Fione! Come on.. 5 real BIG blogging secrets about yourself.

Spill them out! :mrgreen:


  1. Heh! Awwwww… must be disappointed, aren’t you. πŸ˜€

    Haha! My given name is “Kian Ann”, my surname is “Tan”, and I’d write my full name as “Tan Kian Ann”.

    Yeah – that’s the way it goes for Chinese names. πŸ˜‰

    Maybe I’ll get less traffic from now now. Hahahaa!

  2. I’ll have a go at writing about myself when i get some time πŸ™‚ could be fun.
    I’m supprised though with the pet part, i’ve found that the majority of webmasters i’ve talked to have cats. πŸ˜€

  3. Yeah you should… the author bio really adds a face to all the paragraphs of text that appear everyday, helping your blogs create a more personal conversation. πŸ™‚

    Geesh.. Its 6:30am, and I haven’t slept. I better go catch a nap now. πŸ˜›

  4. Great fun! I’m glad to have learned a bit more about you and putting a face to the name is fun too. I was recently tagged in a similar fashion and put my photo in a post – I also like the cartoon rendition too.

  5. Haha.. I think most bloggers start to enjoy blogging not because of the money they are making from ads (even though that does matter), but more of the friends they make in the blogosphere. Its always wonderful to find like minded people on the net, and even more fulfilling when you can put a face behind the name!

    I’m really looking forward to comments on my posts, and its been great!

  6. Hi Kian “Ann”,

    Wow, you managed to put lots of “fun” into reading your post above. You can even add in the chinese words for man as part of your Secret No.1.

    I remembered having many people pronounced the Tan in my name as sun”tan”, when i was young student in the USA years ago.

    Another item we share in common is the fact that we are putting on Weight. Haha, the bigger i get means the more hardworking i’ve been.

    Have a great week!

    Rgds, Fione

  7. Thanks Fione! Yeah I am a ç”·Àºº! Haha πŸ˜› Got too lazy yesterday to go and switch between languages and stuff πŸ˜›

    Haiyah! Don’t bluff me lar! If you are putting on weight, then I can be king kong already! :mrgreen:

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