Work at Home Mums

I just came across this blog yesterday, maintained by a Work at Home Mum (WAHM). Right on the top of the page was the description:

Work from home Moms these days are WAHMS. Millions of Mommies that stay at home are finding ways to earn money online. Networking with other WAHMS and discussing ways to generate income will be the focus of this Work at Home Mom’s journal.

Wow! The Internet has really revolutionised the world!

Work at home mumAnd here, I’m not talking about instant access to information or all the online payment stuff, I’m talking about mums “stuck at home” now having something real to do online, managing a business online!

In the past (before the time of the computers), I remember people in my area used to take “freelance jobs” like folding carton boxes and assembling a small part of a gadget or things like that… then it slowly moved on to paperwork like data entry, 5 cents a piece… and today, you don’t even need to think about securing jobs! All you have to do is to get started with a blog in Blogger, add some Adsense ads, and start posting about anything and everything.

As long as you keep your topic niche and put in real effort (well, its so much less effort than folding carton boxes!), your blog will get noticed and you are on your way.

In fact, this opportunity is so wonderful that even dads starting to get sick and tired of being under the peril of their bosses, and are starting staying at home.

I know of another mother of four who has a parenting blog. Liz also posted yesterday about her experience “replacing the salary of her husband“, and you can see from her blog that she’s really enjoying herself everyday conversing with her readers.

The best part is, as Liz says:

These days no one has job security. Everyone needs an updated resume. Why settle for a only resume?

You can blog your way to brand that defines who you are and what you do much more completely. Make your blog a foundation — a career basecamp in cyberspace — a showcase skills and expertise you have that future employers and clients need.

That’s so true – why settle for a 2 page cover letter and resume? Your blog is your “360 degree resume”, and should you consider to get a job back, your blog will show how much you know about the subject of interest!

Mama! I know you read this blog (you told me so!), so after you read this, let me help you get started with a blog at least okay? In fact, you already know how to do it!

How many of you here are full time WAHMs? Come on, let it out.

How has the Internet changed your life? What were you doing before you started blogging and how did you transit from a full time job to a full time WAHM? Could you give me advice on how I can help my mum transit?


  1. Thanks Liz! Okay, I will! 😉 Heh! I was actually halfway through a comment at your blog, wanting to seek your advice 🙂 It really amazes me how you can write and spark off conversations of over a 100 comments!

  2. Well, thank you, Kian Ann, for every comment — someone else might be afraid to write what you write about. 🙂

    About those long lists of comments, I just let people know it’s okay to talk a lot. They surely see that I do.

  3. Ah.. well! But you seem to be there in front of your computer every single minute to reply to your comments – do you have like a comment-to-SMS kinda software installed? ;P The comments on your blogs are so different from the comments I see on many others – its more “conversation” than “comments”!

  4. I live inside your computer. 🙂
    No, I don’t have any plugins. I can’t imagine what one would do, but I suspect that it would add some artificiality in some way. I’m here. It’s really me.

    The conversational difference that I think you’re noticing is that we talk like we know each other. We do. We get to know each other fairly quickly, because it’s a high-trust environment. Everyone knows that we’re about thinking, having fun, and the only rule is be nice. 🙂

  5. Haha! So the “Liz worm” lives on every blogger’s computer!

    That true. I guess the fact that we are both bloggers and we have one common topic to talk about (which is the blog post!) already establishes the rapport.

    I don’t know if its fortunate or unfortunate that I live on the other side of the world – I see from your blog that is getting to 11pm on Thursday over there, I’m already halfway into Friday.

    Which means, if I need to chat, I’ll have to stay up all night! 😉

  6. Oh no, it’s not that we are both bloggers. If that were the case, then it would happen on every blog. It’s that we’re both willing to be people.

    That’s the difference.

    The blog post is just the table at the restaurant.

  7. Ah… the willingness to just be real people, open and nice and just chat.

    I think its still quite a concern, in my area at least – needing to be anonymous and things like that, being too careful about saying the right things.

    I feel that not hiding an Internet name plays a part too. ‘Liz Strauss’ talking to ‘Kian Ann’ wouldn’t be the same if it were ‘PrettyGal24’ talking to ‘DarkShadow’ right? :mrgreen:

  8. Oh yeah, although even if your name wasn’t really Kian Ann, as long as you are open and real that is what matters. We agree on our names and move forward.

    Some of the folks who come to my blog use a screen name or have told me that the name they use isn’t their real name. It’s when the name is something to hide behind — like a wall between us — that the real conversation goes back to comments.

  9. Great! Wow! I think this post is going to be my first one to “start a conversation” and its all great thanks you Liz! Its a totally different experience from commenting!

    To start the conversation, was it useful to end the post with some questions like you usually do? (and which I did for this post unintentionally?)

  10. Thanks for your advice Liz, its certainly wonderful advice to heed.

    I’d certainly get my mum to drop a comment conversation on your blog!


  11. Kian – Great post! Thanks to the Internet, lots of juggling, hard work and some luck, I have been working from my home office since 1996 (woo hoo – 10 year anniversary) while raising my three kids (now 10, 8 and almost 5). I do web design and consulting, blogging and some passive income stuff. I am now to the point that I could not afford to go work for someone else – they couldn’t afford me.

    To all the moms (and dads) just starting down this path – you can do it.

  12. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for your comments on my son’s blog which hits upon his idea of getting his mum to blog and put him in high gears.

    You have also hit the nail on its head when you wrote “someone else might be afraid to write what you write about” and I am one of that someone else … HeeHee.

    This son of mine is always wanting and waiting to get his mum to start blogging and to go into internet marketing.

    I do have a keen interest but possiblity, being too careful about saying the right things and my lack of writing skill and blogging know-hows has put me off.

  13. Hi Irene!
    You’ve made it this and nothing’s broken or blown up. No one has gone hungry or gotten really sick. So one comment has been safe enough. tee-hee.

    I have many things to do this morning, but I will email you some links. Maybe we can do some talking in your morning/my evening . . . 🙂

  14. Yae! I’ve made history! I got my mum’s first blog comment! That’s the start, and this post is going to my bookmarks! Whoooo hoo!! Now its time for me to set up a blog or something for my mum, maybe over the weekend or sometime next week.

    Thank you Liz! I received your links and I will make sure both mother and son read them 🙂

  15. Char, that’s really wonderful! 10 years – that’s a whole long time ago!

    I can imagine the juggle between work and three kids at home. I guess it would be especially tough when the third was born – the other two would be 5 and 3, plus that would be the time of the dot-bomb!

    But still I think a great job to do isn’t it?

  16. Thanks Liz! Its certainly fun to be able to start a conversation with a blog post! Now I understand why you are having so much fun everyday!

    Char, heeheehe… yeah, I think its really everyone’s dream to work from home on the Internet, and especially if the income is passive, like from Adsense of similar schemes.

    So I shall target to be a “work at home dad” in the future! 😉

  17. AlexDigital,

    Yeah, the Internet has really made opportunities so much closer to home! Keep going at it! Do remember to also spend time to feed your husband and your kids though :mrgreen: The Internet can really be quiet addictive sometimes.

  18. Hi Irene!

    Knowing your personality, you should have no problems blogging! Miss hearing your laughters! haha!


  19. Hi Andy,

    Here goes my laughter “hahaha heeheehee”.
    Thanks for the encouragement, I’m still blur blur like sotong, “LL”plate.
    Waah! long time no see no hear, you going so fast from WBG to Internet Marketing Speaker liao. That’s great.

  20. I am so honored that you noticed my little WAHM blog. THANK YOU for linking to me from your post. I’m having a bad week ~ so this was something that really worked to cheer me up.

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