Fortune 500 Blog Review: 3M

Fortune 500 Blogs ProjectI’ll move on to continue to do my bit for the Fortune 500 Blog Project – its been some time since I wrote my last review.

I’m very very sure that you have heard of the fortune 500 company that I am going to review on into today – well, even if you haven’t heard of the company name, you must have used at least one of their products! Let’s dig into the blogging world of the company that made the world’s “Adhesive tape” into “Scotch tape”! – 3M!

By the way, did you know that 3M used to be Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, until 2002? At least that is what Wikipedia said. :mrgreen:

Let dive into the blog searching right away! Searching… Company website… Google… Google Finance… Google BlogSearch… Technorati… Yahoo…

Nope! There are no official corporate blogs by 3M!

Let me show you some interesting findings though.

They have a press release page, and I don’t seem to find any feeds for them but they have a press release alert thingy, which I think is like a email broadcast whenever there is news.

Apart from that, another way that you can get press release alerts is through their Post-it software notes, and it bring the news right to the desktop! I thought this was a pretty cool idea – giving the web community a nifty application to store notes, and at the same time let them hear about your company. Neat!

Like any other Fortune 500 company, there are quite a lot of blogs out there talking about their share prices and stuff, but I shan’t go into detail. More can be found though Google BlogSearch.

Oh! A little sidetrack – have you ever seen what a blog looks like when it has violated the terms of service? Here’s one which I found while scrummaging though the searches. According to the title of the post, it was supposed to be talking about some 3M filters or something like that, but after investigating the description, it was quite obvious that it was just another splog. Yae! One splog down! Thanks Matt (and the WordPress team)! You rock! :mrgreen:

Wordpress Violate TOS

Could 3M have benefited from a corporate blog? What could they have put up?

While I was searching Google for “3M blogs”, the first entry that came out was a blog saying that Technorati was tracking 3M Blogs. I was like going “What is so special about 3M’s blogs that made Technorati want to track them specifically?”

After following the URL, I got to know that the author meant “3 million” when he said “3M”. :mrgreen: Well, while that example had nothing much to do with the blog review, one idea that popped up was maybe 3M could come up with blogs like “3M ways to use Scotch Tape”, and “3M ways to use Post It pads”… where they can really spend some time and creative juice thinking of 3 million ways to use their products! Of course, compiling the list would take substantial time but wouldn’t that be interesting? 😉

How else can 3M benefit from a blog?


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