The RSS to Email Series

You might have noticed from my sidebar that my blog has feeds, but I have not created an email subscription for the feeds!

I did that on purpose, because I really see potential in effective use of an RSS to Email services, especially in the role of corporate blogging. So, let me launch my first series of posts – the RSS to Email Series!

I’ve even created a cute logo for this :mrgreen: So motivated to create logos after receiving positive feedback for that dabble in photoshop for the Fortune 500 blog project logo

RSS to Email Series

Actually I have long planned for this, but my other posts have been keeping me busy. Anyway, this series of posts will focus on the use and review of RSS to Email services, both for corporate blogging, as well as for individuals wanting to make a living from the Internet.

One of the main reasons why I am doing is, is also because I’m pretty confused with so many similar services provided on the net… which is best? Well, there may not be a ‘best’, but what does each service offer? I’m raring to find out!

Heh… and of course, the ‘winner’ will get the in my sidebar, and will be serving you my feeds. 🙂

So, subscribe to my feeds if you haven’t, and you can check everyday when you finally can get these feeds in your email! 😛