Alexa Ranking and Blogging Goals

Alexa RankingAlexa has updated my traffic ranking again – this time to 262,259. Wondeful! While the jump is not a tremendous as the previous one, it is still an improvement!

I was doing my homework, analysing the successful blogs on my daily reads, and I realise that some blogs have Alexa Rankings in four digits, and Page Ranks of 6s and 7s… and the best part is – they have also started only early this year. Maybe some are like 10 months old or something like that.

I’m encouraged, and I will work hard.

Another one of Easton’s hilarious post was about his blogging goals and his agreement to give away his Yoda PEZ dispenser. Haha! This is funny.

But I think the idea by ProBlogger Darren Rowse about making blogging goals public for motivation makes sense. Its a different feeling when you know that you have visitors keeping an eye on you everyday.

So everyone, listen up! Here are my goal for this blog!

Goal number 1: I will post at least 10 posts a week, until the end of this year! These 10 posts must be of quality, at least 350 words and above, and relating to either or both of my two main focuses, which are corporate blogging, and blogopreneurship (making money though blogs). Of course, I think I should stray away sometimes to post news and updates of the blogosphere, but yeah, 10 posts related to either of these two topics. The only time I am allowed to take a break is in December, where I think I will spending some time in the wilderness conquering mountains in Malaysia.

Update: (see comments) I think I shall not force myself to write too much, so yeah, just one post a day… and I’ll give myself a break on Sunday (since traffic is observably low on Sunday) which means, 6 posts a week! The quality guidelines still stay! *Good for me, not so stressed about singing nursery rhymes*

Update 2: I can’t stop! I guess I shall stick to 6 “very much researched” posts a week like the one on Google Loves Blogs but still, at least 10 post a week. :mrgreen:

Goal number 2: I will contribute to the web (whether it is through forums, submission to blog directories, other people’s blog comments, trackbacks etc) and leave an inbound link to my blog at least 40 times each week. This should build up substantial IBLs for my off page optimization, and help me to focus on the social aspect of blogging.

I hope this one goal is good enough to get me through the less controllable goal of achieving an Alexa Rank below 100,000, and at least a PR4 by 31st December 2006.

If I don’t achieve these goals, what happens? I don’t have a PEZ dispenser to give away… but I shall sing 10 nursery rhymes, and put them in a podcast for everyone to have a good laugh at. :mrgreen: BTW, my singing is horrible.

Since today is a Monday, its a great day to start! The rule starts right after this post! Are you looking forward to the nursery rhymes?


  1. Great goal, Kian. I personally find it difficult to post frequently because of the fear that what I write won’t be read or that people won’t find it worthwhile. But the truth is that you never know when someone will truly be enlightened or entertained or even deeply touched by what you write. So crank out the posts and enjoy the blogging experience!

  2. Thanks Easton for the tip. Yes, in fact, I was a little concerned about that too, when I was posting like 5 posts a day… I guess most people don’t read past the first posts, unless they are subscribe to the feed. I guess I will do my best to space out my posts a little so my readers will have time to enjoy each post :mrgreen:

    I’ll update my goal to post just once a day!

  3. I was checking your Alexa traffic and ranking stats. Your daily ranking is doing better than 100,000 for many days in the month of October! Keep on writing and network with other professional bloggers and you’ll see your 3-month average ranking better than 100,000 soon! As for your pagerank, it should be at least PR4 soon; I’m expecting the next PR update in Nov/Dec.

  4. Thanks Shi! I will continue to work hard! I started this blog in September but started to really post everyday only in October on the first day of your SEO workshop (that is why I didn’t sleep!) So… I hope two more months of the same consistent effort will help me get my rankings above 100,000!