Fortune 500 Blog Review: Disney

Disney Corporate BlogsOn I go with the Fortune 500 Blog Project, and today I’ll be going to – the land of Mickey, Donald and all the rest. :mrgreen:The feeling is a little different because I already know Disney has blogs. So my job is not to find blogs, but to find what these blogs do and how they are used! *excited*

Pardon me, I haven’t slept last night, fiddling with my blog and surfing around. Haha… Let’s start! Website

The Disney website is cartooney! Erm… *duh*. There is a separate URL for corporate information. No obvious sign of blogs.

Website search for “blog”. Whoa! 337 entries. But most of them are similar. Here are the distinct ones.

  1. Catherine Newman Blog on Parenting
  2. A “blog” within Disney’s incubaTor

Most of the results came under the subdomain, which is actually a magazine site under,

dedicated to helping parents nurture their children’s love of learning. A blend of how and why, Wondertime inspires moms of infants through 6-year-olds to see the world through the eyes of their children, and to celebrate the wonder of this all-too-fleeting time.

The Catherine Newman blog listed is owned by Wondertime, not Disney.

The second link does not really link to a blog either! Its a… erm… website. I don’t really get what is going on on that page. It just like a showcase of a kid who has done wonders. 🙂

I’ll search again, this time for “corporate blog”. One result. Eww… it leads to something like a news release – announcing that has released some new features and among these are some blogs.

Google Search Then!

Yes! Blogs! Lots of them! I’ll just list the more interesting stuff here – too much going on about Disney blogs :mrgreen:

  1. The Unofficial Disney blog or the typepad URL
  2. Luxo, a blog featuring some stuff by Pixar, and since Disney acquired Pixar, that makes it related to Disney :mrgreen:
  3. Re-Imagineering, A forum for Pixar and Disney professionals – don’t know yet if it is BY them, I’ll list it here first anyway.
  4. A fellow blogger who has previously done research on Disney’s blogs in Feb 2004
  5. A blog talking about law stuff – they seem to be talking a lot about Disney, but they don’t seem to be affiliated to Disney at all.
  6. Mouse Kingdom Blog
  7. A section of Yahoo directory dedicated to Disney related blogs! – this should get me going for some time!
  8. A photo blog featuring Disney stuff
  9. Someone’s blog dedicated to Disney – don’t know if he’s an Employee or not.
  10. A site for people to create blogs for their trip to Disneyland!

I’m not certain at this time if any of these are owned by Disney or Disney’s employees yet, but, I’ll stop here for Google results – heh. So many more results, but from observation, most are people’s blogs about Disney. Some are just individual posts, and some are really blogs dedicated for Disney news.

Update: Wow, so there is another blog about Disney, albeit more of the “steamier” side of the company – the side that the company probably does not want people to know about! Check out

(Thanks Quacky1) 🙂

I’ll stop here for today and continue when I get back home tonight to continue my search on Technorati and the other search engines, and then we’ll dive deeper into the individual links to see what they are about!


  1. Hi,

    This is John Frost. I edit the The Disney Blog. Thank you for the link, but I have a request to make. Right now you have the blog listed as ‘The Official Disney Blog’, however, it is totally unofficial. It states that clearly on the front page.

    Can you please change your post to read ‘Unofficial’, so your readers aren’t left confused and so Disney doesn’t get upset with me.

    Thank you


  2. Thanks John for your advice over email. I have edited my post accordingly. Its great to have learnt about Disney’s blogs from you!

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  4. Hi!

    Would you ming posting a link to our blog, Our site has collected information on several decades of lawsuits by and against Disney (as well as the outcomes, if available). As well, we’ve collected stories and links about the “steamier” side of Disney, the side they don’t want people to know about. Thanks!

  5. hello,
    i love disney
    tanks for u because picture the miky and miny
    sorry,not very well english