Fortune 500 Blog Review: The Hershey Company

HersheysI thought of doing one Fortune 500 Blog Review a day, but since I’m in the momentum, I might as well get another review done. Up next.. sweeet The Hershey Company!

Company Website

The Hershey’s website is beautiful! Lots of nice pictures, kids, fun, and guess the base color of the theme? *Duh* Blogs wise, nothing much there. They have another separate URL for their corporate information. Searched there. None. No blogs. They have receipes, press releases, and newsletters though. On the recipes page, they have a daily featured recipe… but its nothing near a blog.

Its interesting to learn that Hersheys is not only about chocolate… its about attractions too, fun, kids, even golf!


Nothing official too. The blogs that showed were blogs about candies and food.

On to Google.

Nothing here. Got results like Junk Food Blog. BlogSearch Google. There are a couple of entries about their recent acquisition of organic chocolate company Dagoba and visits to the Hershey’s Chocolate World, but none from Hershey’s themselves or their employees.

Next on Yahoo!

Candy blogs, chocolate blogs, I’m craving for dessert at 2am now!

Naaah… again, no corporate blogs by Hershey’s as yet.

I’m not a very big chocolate fan, but I do love chocolate. :mrgreen: Wouldn’t it be good if they have a blog to answer questions on their recipes and collect feedback and comments not only on their products, but also on how their sweeeet Hershey’s kisses helped made one’s day ;), or to announce news about their attractions?

Let me know if you find any corporate blogs by Hershey’s or for that matter, any blogs dedicated to Hershey’s products, attractions and services.


  1. Thanks so much, Kian. This will get the ball rolling and you and/or others can look more in-depth into Hershey in the future. If no blogs show up after a good amount of searching, chances are they’re either not there or are not doing a good job of getting noticed!

    I’m jealous that you got to do this review – I’m such a chocoholic!

  2. Its my pleasure! I had fun too! No one in my area would know Hershey’s had attractions and country clubs over there! All we know of Hershey is chocolate chocolate and more chocolate!

    Well, now at least I know. 🙂

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  4. Just a note to say that we in canada are not very happy about the closing of the Smith Falls HERSHEY plant which means the loss of a lot of jobs. Perhaps we should withdraw some of that natural gas since the US gets 100% of its natural gas from Canada. I’m sure our resources are needed elsewhere where we would be more appreciated.

  5. Do you ever wonder how a corporation such has Hershey Foods makes the momentous decision to enter the Global Market Place? It all starts with a team of accountants running the numbers (the payroll numbers) and noticing that a good portion of the employees are making over twenty (20) dollars an hour plus fringe benefits. The accountants make an appointment to meet with Mr. Richard H.Lenny (CEO) and report his/her findings. The operating board is apprised of this crisis and an action plan is quickly formulated to rectify this gross over payment.

    The first step is win over the Patriot News with the idea that Hershey Foods has decided to go global in order to compete in an ever changing global market place. The Patriot News buys in and editorials hit the papers about the need of North America’s largest candy maker to compete aggressively in the global market place by closing plants and firing dedicated and loyal workers. Before the ink is dry on the Patriot News articles Hershey Foods set the following plan in motion.(I interject here: THE EMPLOYEES WHO ARE LOOKING AT LOSING THEIR JOBS, WRITE YOUR OWN EDITORIALS, SEND THEM TO THE PATRIOT NEWS, YOUR STORIES ARE THE TRUE STORIES.)

    One: You never enter a developed country because the standard of living is too high and you will be force to pay competitive wages and health care benefits. Also, developed countries have strict plant inspections for safety and sanitary conditions; this must be avoided in order to save costs. These are important concepts that will enhance Hershey Foods more Aggressive Global Growth Philosophy of cutting corners for cost reduction.(I interject here: Did you ever hear the story ( I have no idea if it is true or not) that employees in the Corona plant were dismissed for urinating in the beer bottles? I cannot substantiate this story, just a rumor)

    Two: Always select a country where its citizens are below the poverty index and fleeing across its borders for a better life. Some additional countries on Hershey Foods hit list for future plants would be Ethiopia, Niger, Nepal, Mozambique, and here is a good one Dem Rep of Congo. All of these countries are among the poorest in the world, which would make them ripe for Hershey Foods Aggressive Global Growth Philosophy.

    Three: Immediately flee from a country where your labor force is being paid over twenty (20) an hour (Canada). The Canadians shot themselves in the foot by taking pay increases over the years.

    Four: Never globally compete with your biggest competitor in his/her own back yard (stay away from the European Market). It much safer to make profits off of the down trodden than to compete in a fair and balanced market. (I interject here: the CEO’s in Europe do not pay themselves the amount of money the CEO’s do here in America, that is another reason Lenny and his 50 V.P.’s do not look at Europe.)

    Five: Build the company’s growth and your own personal portfolio on the backs of poor desperate and destitute workers. This concept will save you millions of dollars (the Nike Global Business Model). (I interject here: How is this not any different from our slavery here in America before slavery abolished? Do you want to be a stockholder or consumer of a company/product that believes slavery is the way to go?)

    Six: Always be ready to close your factory and head to another country with a low GNP (see list above) in case the natives get restless and start to demand a fair division of profits, or worse yet form a union.Seven: This is probably the must important concept of Hershey Foods Aggressive Global Growth Philosophy. The CEO and the operating board must never show global marketing weakness by offering to take a pay reduction or to live a less opulent life style (keep those hefty bonuses coming). (I interject here: SOCIOPATHIC WITHOUT A DOUBT.)

    I believe Hershey Foods is part of a large consortium of companies that is scanning the Universe in search of a backward planet to manufacture their products for nothing (Proactive Strategic Future Universe Business Model).

  6. Whoa Rodney,

    Thanks for the very long comment and there are some points in there worth thinking about.

    Personally, I think making big business decisions like going into another country or closing down factories are things that would have gone through a lot of thinking and planning. At times, making decisions is about choosing the less damaging of two choices.

    Ultimately, the sole purpose of a business is to make money. Isn’t it?