Bookmarks Explosion 2 January 2008

Bookmarks ExplosionWow! Three weeks since my last post! Time really flies when you get busy eh?!

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas, had your goals and action plan set for this year, and are well on your way to achieve your first set of small goals! If not, do watch Derek Gehl’s Goal Setting Video if you are dealing with Internet Businesses. That will give you a headstart.

Anyway, let’s have a bookmarks explosion to explode into my first post in 2009!

  1. Are you learning to be a better blogger? Stop it, because that is a total waste of time. At least that is what Jonathan says.
  2. Doing an SEO project? You have to know your keywords! Here’s how. Check out this awesome Keyword Strategy Flowchart and Search Traffic Growth Profile Guide, both from SEO book.
  3. … and as you are building links, do check out this link building tutorial by Saad Kamal and this awesome list of 75 link building techniques.
  4. In Web Usability, Drop down list are no good, because they don’t allow your readers to see what is available immediately. However when you clients insist, do give them an SEO friendly CSS enabled drop down list. This is one great example. And if you always feel “something is missing in your designs”, check out these 10 tips to improve you UI designs.
  5. I’ve always wondered why they didn’t allow the links widget in WordPress to be customized to display only one category of links. Here’s a widget to workaround that. Talking about WordPress, we all know WordPress 2.7 is the hottest babe and coolest hunk in the blogging world now, don’t you? Here’s an essential guide on mastering your WordPress 2.7 theme and admin area.
  6. WordPress Plugins – love them of hate them. But if you love them, check out these first 9 plugins to love, first.
  7. Oooh, you’ll love these from Copyblogger: The big secret to sell anything, and The Millionaire’s Secret Trait That Attracts Crazy Amounts of Success. Awesome reads.
  8. Social Media Marketing is big thing, and in 2009, its only going to be bigger! If you are going into social media, you gotta check out Moon Loh’s tips on the important things you need to know and apply for Social media.
  9. Did you know Google was a spelling mistake?, no wonder Ian said search engines aren’t smart.
  10. Is Corporate Blogging taking off yet?! Forrester says consumers don’t trust corporate blogs… but here’s what the corporate blogging guru has to say about it.
  11. Go Drupal! I think it’ll beat Joomla soon.
  12. PPC advertising is a good way to bring in fast traffic… and fast cash. If you follow the right way to use it. Check out these 7 tips to save money on PPC.
  13. Will SlideRocket beat Slideshare? Try it to find out.
  14. Wanna get your site up in 10 mins and you’re missing a logo? Try this Web 2.0 logo creator
  15. If you are getting traffic from Twitter, consider a Twitter landing page!
  16. HTML 5 looks awesome, but that’s 3 years to come. Hopefully by then I’d be lazing on the beach with an enterprise of web developers doing the coding though.
  17. Camtasia Studio and Camstudio. Mix them together, and you get uTipu. Awesome free video capture software.
  18. Now you have Google docs on your desktop. I really wonder what Microsoft has to say about this, and their plans for Ms Office.
  19. Doing business? Watch this number. Its the most important number in business. Don’t watch it and you’re dead.
  20. Going into video marketing? You should. Check out this awesome video marketing tool, and also these tips on how to make your videos work for you.
  21. I still want to write a book. Its been 2 years. Argh. Maybe I should follow these 8 tips. Do you wanna write a book too?
  22. I’m half a geek, and I love it when I get the opportunity to dive into tonnes of code. But if you are not like me, check out common craft – they’ve got awesome videos to explain everything.

Woohoo! That’s quite a list eh! Enjoy! Happy New Year! :mrgreen:

Bookmarks Explosion 7 December 2008

I’m writing this post early because I’ll probably be enjoying myself at Shangri-la Putrajaya (Malaysia) when this post is published.

Some great articles to share which I’ve read over the past three weeks. Well, I was supposed to do this weekly… but (KA slaps himself for thinking of excuses) :mrgreen:


  1. Do you 17,000 and 20,000 followers on Twitter? Chris Brogan has. And he shared how he uses Twitter at that volume.
  2. When you think about writing books and blogging. Ted is THE man. Yeah. Learn how you can write a book with your blog.
  3. Wanna clinch SEO deals? This guide from SEO Book will help you write a better SEO proposal. On top of that, here’s how you can overcome some common SEO objections in your sales process.
  4. Gobala has an excellent point to bring up about Internet marketers vs software developers. Makes you think the next time you buy something from an guru Internet marketer. Don’t get fooled again.
  5. Should you say “maybe later” to services like TweetLater?
  6. PPC is one of the best ways to test your site, only if you avoid this 5 mistakes in PPC testing.
  7. If Adsense is primary revenue for your blog, have you optimized your ad placements yet? Here are some teachings from the horse’s mouth.
  8. Mark White say blogs are not for SEO! You’ll understand why.
  9. … and if you are thinking about making money blogging, ProBlogger asks you to please please please, think again, and get your strategy right.

Oh, did I mention its my birthday today? Yes, that is why I’m at Shangri-la. 🙂 More about the trip when I return.

Happy Birthday to me!

Bookmarks Explosion 16 November 2008

Its been a long time since I had my bookmarks to explode! Here are some great stuff I’ve seen over this week (some older) to start a brilliant Sunday.

  1. Starting a Business Blog? Be careful, don’t let Ian Lurie hit you on the head like he explains in his 15 rules for business bloggers… but is this the real truth about business blogging?
  2. There is always a long debate on ranking for long tail keywords versus ranking for the short head. Here’s a case study on Online Flower Delivery in Singapore.
  3. Of course, if you’ve not downloaded and devoured this yet… Google’s SEO Starter Guide.
  4. If you are new to blogging on WordPress, ProBlogger has some tips for plugins for your new WordPress blog.
  5. And if you want more people subscribe to your feed – check out these 14 ways to get more RSS readers. Remember, not everybody uses RSS, but studies have shown that people using RSS are powerful influencers on the net.
  6. And another kindly reminder from Ted (the author of Blogging for Business) – things to watch in your blog design so your readers will love you.
  7. Walter shares his opinions about Obama’s win being a Web 2.0 phenomenon. From this, we learn that social media marketing can work, and will work if you work it! Social media marketing is not a waste of time!
  8. Everywhere you go, you see long salesletter boasting about their “traffic to their sites exploding” when they used some product or some marketing strategy. While its true that Internet marketing is a numbers game, Jim shares here that it also pays to focus on the people, not the hits!

… and some of you might have noticed the addition of Twitter Tools to my sidebar. If you haven’t come follow me on twitter!

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Oh by the way – I’m looking for a tool to do a bookmark explosions post like this. I have this on my Delicious account but I want to add more text to the post first before I publish it, so I don’t like the automated “posting to blog” function in Delicious.

Any suggestions?

Have an awesome Sunday dudes! :mrgreen:

Bookmarks Explosion for 28 January 2007

Bookmarks ExplosionI was supposed to post this yesterday but I got caught up with work! Gosh! I’m working on a Sunday again! :mrgreen:

Enjoy these articles I’ve collected over the last week!

  1. Want to really scrutinize your site for dead links? This might be the perfect application for you! Moreover, its free!
  2. CEOs and blogs are a perfect match. They should get married tomorrow. 5 times!
  3. What do we really mean by Organic SEO? This report on SEO News reveals it all.
  4. Singaporeans listen up! Heard of the Well… Adam Wong shares that its nothing but scam.
  5. Did you know you can have category feeds in WordPress? Its been around all the time!
  6. Have you heard of Social Media Press Releases? I heard they are oxymorons!
  7. Neil from Pronet Advertising says you should not only participate in Digg, but also learn from your Diggs!
  8. Its one month into 2007 already. Time flies. Have you started living 2007 yet? Liz shows you how you can start living.
  9. I would agree that not all companies would need a blog. Mike from Converstations backs up with 5 great points when you should think of NOT blogging for your company.
  10. To add on to Mike’s brilliant work, Lorelle also shares when you should stop blogging.
  11. Get started with these 25 tips to optimize your blog for search engines, and you know you will be on the way!
  12. Installing WordPress is part one. After you are done with installing, go through this post install checklist!
  13. Brian is back again with his power writing about copywriting. Check out how you can write SEO copywriting that readers will love!
  14. Web 2.0? Its Web 3.0 now! … and Ted explains what Web 3.0 is about.

Yikes, I’m getting pretty busy lately, so pardon me for the slow updates. I’m reaching out to change the world today – with a 2 hour seminar on blog marketing for beginners… and thanks to Liz for her initiative!

Bookmark Explosion for 21 January 2007

Bookmarks ExplosionSome links to share for the week:

  1. When you start to develop your products or services, consider these 7 As of Marketing by Walter
  2. WebproNews is saying that search marketing is getting tougher. Top 10 is not enough. You need to be Top 5!
  3. Why use blogs instead of websites? Lee Odden shares some SEO benefits for Blogs
  4. Despite my previous post, I think Linda Bustos has her top 10 sins of blog usability is still a great article to read!
  5. Wanna pimp out some money from your WordPress blog? Check out how to do it in 7 easy steps
  6. Unrequested links are like $20 bills.” At least, that is what the guys at BloggerDesign says.
  7. Have you upgraded to WordPress 2.0.7? Find out why you need to keep it updated.
  8. When Olive gets into trouble, newspapers need blogs. Find out why.
  9. Bill Marriott, Chairman & CEO of Marriott Internationalhas started a blog! Wheee!!

Enjoy your Sunday! 🙂