About Tan Kian Ann

Kian Ann My name is Kian Ann and I’m the guy behind Blogopreneur. Let me just give you a short glimpse about my blogging history and what I’m doing here at Blogopreneur.

I’m a 30 year old bugger blogger located in the small sunny country of Singapore. This blog chronicles my thoughts and ramblings about the stuff that is going on in Internet, or more specifically, the blogosphere.

The purpose of this blog is reach out to individuals and companies out there – to use blogs as a means for marketing, using WordPress and its wonderful plugins as a website platform. This blog also serves useful tutorials at times for you so that your blog will achieve better search rankings, traffic, and ultimately bring in more customers for your business! So let me know if you need advice, or if there are people around you who want to set up an optimized blog! :mrgreen:

My Blogging History

I got started with online journaling back in 2002, but I didn’t use a blog! I didn’t know of blogs then, so all I had was a secret Yahoo! mail account which I mailed to after penning my daily thoughts and frustrations in an email. In February 2005, I finally migrated to a blogger blog, but I kept the blog secret again, under a password protected page.

Then the day came in late 2005 when I decided that I should my blog accessible to the public and start writing more sensibly. I found a love and passion in writing online, and I started a hobby blog – Trekking Singapore and Beyond.

I later learnt about Internet marketing, Google Adsense and search optimization, and I got particularly interested in the idea of corporate blogging and blogging for money. That is why I’ve set up Blogopreneur.com – to really explore and dive into blog marketing and blog entrepreneurship.

I love trekking and I love blogging. If my favourite trekking spots had Internet access, I will probably live in the wilderness for half of my time every year. :mrgreen:

Oh yes… I’m a Singaporean Chinese, so Kian Ann is my first name. My last name is Tan. Over here, we put our surname before our given name, so I’d write Tan Kian Ann if you’d ask me to write my full name. People I’ve met online have been addressing me as Kian thinking that Ann is my last name. Well… I’m used to it, but it’ll be great to call me Kian Ann.

Get in Touch

Blogging is so much a social activity, and if we share the same interests or if you’d like to get in touch, I would really welcome hearing from you, whether in the real world or the virtual one.


We can start of from Skype. Add me and we can start chatting.

My Skype ID is tan_kian_ann.


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    Cheers! (no, I don’t drink), and happy blogging!