The money is in the list

… whatever business you may be doing, the money is in the list.

Of late, I have been exposed to a couple of different business models, whether it is on and off the Internet, from training primary school kids to network marketing, to import and export business, to retailing shoes at a store front… and there is one most common denominator in all business that do well.

They all have a wonderful source of leads.

Its very logical if you think of it this way – whatever business you do, as long as it is legitimate, money is moved only when there is a movement of products or services. And its a fact that no single product can cater to every single person on this planet.

Even if you have the most aromatic melt-in-your-mouth baked-to-perfection fat-free chocolate cookie, you will bump into some people who will say that “Chocolate is not for me.“, and there is no way (well, unless you hold your customers at gunpoint!) these people are going to spend money on your cookies!

So, does that mean that your business has failed? No! You just expose your product or service to more people! … and the more people you show your product to, that higher the chances of success.

That’s why you need a list, no matter what business you are in!

So if you are already on your business, and you don’t have a source for leads or prospects, what are you waiting for?


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  2. What I really like about listbuilding is that most people don’t buy from you the first time the encounter your website. With a list, where you give some free quality content, you get to build a relationship before you ask for money. This way is best for the customer because the can sample before they buy + they get to know you and trust you.