When conversations and comments are not enough

Mark White from Better Business Blogging told us today that Business Blogs should take conversations one step further – into developing connections.

He explains:

…a conversation in business which doesn’t have an impact or an outcome is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Therefore, I consider that when it comes to business blogs, it’s important that we focus on the idea of connections rather than simply conversations.

Conversations are not enough… which I think IS really true – conversations alone can really be pretty useless, if you come to think about it. Conversations on a business blog must be meaningful. The conversations should lead to connections, and relationships.

This reminds me – a while I wrote about the value of a website is not about Page Rank, but its ability to perform its intended objective.

In many cases, the objective of a blog is to generate leads for a business, to make business contacts. Random chatting on your blog doesn’t achieve that. Building connections means really getting to know the person you are chatting with, it means earning the right to drop him or her an email.

Have you been just chatting, or building connections?

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