Plan for your blog posts using a simple spreadsheet

Some time ago, I shared about how you can use a buffer of posts to help you blog more consistently. I started implement my own blog post buffer using offline blog editors like BlogJet, and ScribeFire, saving my posts as drafts offline.

While these blog editors provided a great place for me to get my buffer up, I realised they didn’t let me see the big picture, like how prepared I am for the coming week or month of posts. Most of the time, I have some posts which are just plain one line ideas, and some which are filled with points.

Combining this idea with having a blog editorial calendar, I figured out that a great way to put everything in one place in your computer is using a simple Microsoft Excel file!

And since it is just an Excel file, I figured I can put just about anything I want, and one of the best things to put above these drafts is your blog’s value proposition and focus, so that I will stay on track with my posts.

I also added more columns on the right, so I not only keep track of what is going to be published, but also set goals for myself to force myself to take steps to market the blog. Afterall, we all know by now that posting on your blog is one part of the story right?

Anyway, the bottomline is, here is what became of the spreadsheet eventually!

Blog Plan

With one simple spreadsheet log, you can now write down the points of draft posts (no HTML quicktags to help you compose a post though), keep reminded of your blog’s focus, and make sure you market your blog. Heh! It might be a little crazy to want to log everything, and not everybody needs this because you might be find working on your desktop blog editor. But well, you know me… the control and detail freak. 😛

Download Excel Blog PlannerSo for all the control freaks out there like me, here’s a template for you to do the same thing. Now you can put all your blog’s plans in one screen. :mrgreen:


  1. Kian Ann!

    Thanks alot for the template! Now that my exams are over, I was planning to draft out an editorial calendar just like how you suggested. I tried using Microsoft Word to do that and realized its kinda messy and not organized. So your template will really come in handy! 🙂

  2. innovative idea but not my style … i have a blog frequncy but i don’t plan, i just blog

    keep up the good ideas coming dude

  3. Hey Calvin,

    Thanks. Well, its just something I realised I built as I wanted to put down more plans for my blog. It works for some people, it doesn’t for others 😉

  4. Hey Sha,

    Hee.. I guess you are a very quick thinker. Well, the challenge with me is that sometimes I know I have to blog, but when I log in, I get that blank screen 🙂