10 surefire ways to increase your blog traffic!

Blog TrafficToday is the day for lists, and today I’ll be sharing just 10 short ideas to bring in more blog traffic! Well, all these aren’t big secrets – they are found everywhere on the net, but sometimes we know too much and do too little. (Yeah, I’m guilty of that too) :mrgreen:

Lets go!

  1. Go around and leave comments in blogs related to yours! – Be sure to add value in your comments, though. Comments like “Hi, nice site.” will only put you in the blacklist!
  2. Write and submit articles – Write quality articles and give them away. Remember – quality counts, because there are tons of articles in the article directories. For a list of directories, check out my list.
  3. Participate in forums – Remember to add a link from your signature back to your blog!
  4. Submit a press release – Well, for this, the more you pay, the more bells and whistles you will get. If you have the budget, go for the full package!
  5. Leave a link to your blog in your email signatures – We send out a ton of emails everyday, and these are great ways to promote your blog too!
  6. Write a testimonial for a product – While opportunities for testimonials don’t come very often, at least until you are established in your industry, testimonials can be a great way to bring in traffic. Haven’t you read a testimonial on a website and wondered “What does this guy do?”
  7. Write a great post that people will want to link toOne good post is enough to make you famous.
  8. Create a hilarious video, and post it on YouTube – Remember to end your video with a screen containing the URL to your blog (okay I’m feeling kinda bored now and I need some funny videos to get me laughing)
  9. Create a WordPress theme and give it away – Well, if something is free and pretty, people are sure to grab them. But you might want to pay attention to optimizing the template as well.
  10. Review a product, or a corporate blog – That might get you in the search results page when people search for that company! Seriously. Consider contributing to the Fortune 500 blog project.

Remember that some of these traffic generation strategies are long term (like doing up a WordPress theme, for example) – although it might require a lot of effort, it will really pay off in the long term. Some others will give you a burst in traffic. You might want to consider combining different tactics for maximum results.

Alrightos! Have a great weekend, and don’t get stuck on your computer. Go out, spend some time with your family, partner or dog! 🙂


  1. Hi Kian Ann,

    How have you been, it has been quite sometimes I had not visit your blog. Ok let me add 1 more way that you can drive traffic to your blog is to submit your post to social bookmarking sites like digg.com.

    You see I apply what you learn and I am actually leaving a comment on your blog. 🙂

    John Tan