IT Show 2007 in Singapore

Man… IT show 2007 is coming up next week.

IT Show 2007

I remember the times when I used to go to these large scale IT shows… sometimes twice or three times within the same week! That was the time when I was all crazed about tweaking and what we call “modding” our personal computers, overclocking our CPUs and installing enormous fans to cool the system down.

Now I work with a laptop. :mrgreen: It really helps me to focus on the business aspect of technology.

We used to have just one show a year! Now we have SITEX, COMEX, PC Show, and IT Show… so much, its lost its appeal (at least to me).

… but then again, maybe its time for me to get a web cam :mrgreen: I guess I will still drop by on one of the days to squeeze with the crowd and update myself with the latest hardware gadgets.