WordPress 2.1.1 and 2.0.9

Yes, I’m back up with my new hard disk – rushed down to Sim Lim square and got myself a Seagate SATA 80GB for S$107. Cheapest SATA I could find in the short time I have to spend there. So I’m back up. Yeah, I guess I’d pay S$107 for less frustrations.

Good thing my recent backup was very recent, so I didn’t lose much data, and even better because I had a Nortan Ghost image file so I could just restore the image to the partition instead of going through the 2 hour WinXP installation process.

Oh, I had good assistance from the GParted Live CD to do the inital partitioning for me too. Great stuff.

Yae! Kian Ann is back! :mrgreen:

Anyway, WordPress just announced the arrival of 2.1.1 and 2.0.9 but they are low to medium priority updates, so if you are busy rushing your million dollar project, maybe you could ease on that update.

On to read my feeds and tweak my blogs now 😉