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Blog Editorial CalendarIn my Bookmark Explosions on 15 January 2007, I shared an article by Mike from Converstations about his wonderful idea of a blog editorial calendar.

I think having a blog editorial calendar is wonderful way for you to get over a blogger’s writing block, because with some structure in place, we can then pre-plan what to write about. Of course, as Mike puts it, we should use this as a guide and not a religion.

I’ve never had a a calendar like this, but over the past few days, I’ve thought one out. Here’s mine.


A great idea in implementation. There are just so many tools and tips out there, and its a waste if nobody really uses them. What I will do for Monday is to share a tip (whether its originally by someone else or not), and I will actually implement it on my blog. So, in a sense, it will “force” me to improve my blog!

Today, its obviously having this blog editorial calendar! Thanks Mike for the wonderful suggestion.


Fortune 500 company blog review. I think I have not been doing reviews for some time, and I need to pick it up again. Even though my review posts are the ones with the least comments, I think doing a review is the best way to learn from corporation… and if I ever run out of the Fortune 500 companies, I’ll go ahead and do one for another company not in the Fortune 500!


Blogging basics tutorial. A how-to and step-by-step guide on something related to blogging. I hope I can migrate this into a video tutorial as I learn how to edit my videos. Heh. :mrgreen: Any requests are welcome!


Blogging tools review. I’ll pick a piece of software or hardware that would be really useful for blogging, and we’ll discuss. I used to run a RSS to Email Review series which was never completed. I feel guilty and injustice for Zoodoka, Bloglet, Squeet and some others. Time to catch up with them and then move on to other great services or hardware.


Going to for thought leadership. One of the key things about blogging is that it has the potential for someone to establish credibility and authority on a subject. I think that is important, especially on the web where you have billions of other competitiors. 😉 To end off the week, it’ll be great to share some thoughts I’ve had over the week, some pointers why you should do this and not that… and its all related to blogging and blog marketing.


Lists lists lists! 7 tips, 10 ways, 20 uses, 25 resources, 50 reasons… something like that. I hope you get the idea.


Bookmarks Explosion! Through the week I’ll have read a couple of interesting articles, and I’ll add them to my bookmarks. On Sunday, these will be shared with the world! 😉

Now I’d never have a blogger writing block anymore! Wheee!! I think this is a great example of how sometimes restrictions and guidelines can actually spurn more ideas, and a great example of how focusing can work wonders!


  1. Nice piece of advice there and something that I may want to start doing myself. This may help to eliminate those blogger blocks and the spectre of procrastination which ails many of us.

    Oh yes, you should also include a day of non-blogging activities in your calendar. I find that taking a break occasionally helps to refresh one’s thoughts and makes the pen (or fingers) flow more smoothly.

  2. Thanks Walter. Actually my Sunday is kinda free even though I say that I will be sharing my bookmarks – what I really intend to do is to collect these links throughout the week and then finally put them together on one post on Sunday… which doesn’t take much brain power 😉

  3. Hi Kian Ann,

    Really a great idea for those people that are cracking their brain for idea on what to write. I hope to implement it soon! Thanks Man!


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