The 5 ‘H’s of a good blogger

Over the past few days, I was really wondering – is blogging really for EVERYBODY? I mean, that is what most books would put it – “Instant Publishing for Everybody“. Is it really true? I don’t think so. Think… Would you pull anyone from the street and tell them “Hey, would you help me write a post on my blog?”

I doubt so.

Of course, anyone can log on to and then get started with a blog in 5 minutes, but I think it does take a certain kind of personality to pull off a good blog.

Here are some characteristics which are key to being a top notch blogger.

1. Humble

A blogger needs to be humble, and being humble simply means to know when to lower your air of arrogance at times.

You see, very often in the challenge to “build credibility and authority”, we like to tell people that “Hey, follow my ways, because I have succeed this way”. While I think it is a wonderful idea to guide other along the way you have paved, sometimes we lose track of who we are, and think that our procedure is the ONLY way to success – and we start to appear arrogant.

I think the better approach to building credibility is goes something like this – “Here is the path that I have paved, and in my own experience, it has helped me get to where I am. I would recommend you to follow this path if you want to achieve the same success.”

2. Humane

All bloggers are humans (well except for those auto-blogging software, that is :P), and so we need to remain human. While it might not be apparent to all your readers, you regular daily readers will know when you are having a tough week, or having a writing block, and they will understand (especially if they are bloggers themselves)

(By the way, I am having a tough week :mrgreen:)

So be human, if you are indeed feeling low, or you aren’t sleeping well, or you are just plain busy with other appointments, don’t try too hard to cover it up. Let it show. Humans readers like to talk to humans, not robots. 😉

3. Honest

Bloggers need to be honest. Period. So much has been going on that blogs need to transparent and authentic – it is in fact this sense of authenticity that attracts readers back everyday. With this, I’m not saying or advocating that you must reveal all your backend plans, all the business pricing schemes, and all you affiliate links, what I’m saying is that you really need to talk as yourself, and be genuine in your recommendations.

Just as an example, if you need to promote an affiliate product, for example, it might be good doing a review of the product, listing the product’s good points and drawbacks, rather than write a piece of marketing or sales talk.

4. Humorous

Humorous BloggerA blogger needs to learn how to twist stories with humor to make them interesting. Of course, this does not come naturally for everybody, but with a willingness to “think wacky” and a keen eye to improve, writing humorously is a skill that can be learnt, and it is great skill to learn.

5. Happy

Lastly, a blogger needs to stay happy about his blog! :mrgreen: You bet I am! Once you start to think that writing for your blog is a chore, its time for you to take a break. Take some time off at the beach with your loved ones, and come back another day with a clearer mind.

It is great to learn and be able to write under pressure, but maybe it might not be a good idea to always write under pressure. Take time write your blog, thinking as you compose your post. It will be a much more pleasurable and happy experience. In my opinion, blogging is so fun! However, it is often what happens outside the time you blog that changes this perception.

So, bloggers out there, how many H’s are you with? Are there any more H’s that you can add?


  1. Great one Walter! We need horsepower indeed! You know, this week for me has been like… crazy! 🙂 My schedule is all messed up because of the activities that are coming up for me. I’m really excited about everything because my efforts are starting to pay off, but I equally stressed up as well.

    I guess these are the times where the real blogger stands out from the ones that will simply just stop posting and lose momentum. So I shall strive on with my horsepower! 🙂

  2. Another H word for bloggers – HUNGRY.

    Bloggers need to stay hungry (literally for many of us since we don’t make earn money to have more than 3 meals!).

    Hungry for…

    – knowledge
    – good writing skill
    – traffic
    – subscribers
    – comments
    – encouragement
    – money? can? 😉

  3. Yeah, we need to be hungry! By the way, being hungry for money is normal, isn’t it? But its not money that we want – its the lifestyle that we look for.

    But a wonderful addition – Hungry! I remember there was an email going around, the speech made by Steve Jobs which was entitled “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”.

    The desire and hunger for things – knowledge, information, success, friends and everything is really a key to success not only to blogger, but also to any and every other person on this planet.

  4. Hehe.. Hardworking! Definitely Char – starting a blog is easy, but maintaining really requires one to be super hardworking.


  5. Hi Kian Ann,

    Another H for you. Hope! I think that a good blogopreneur must have hope. It is hope that give us the purpose and energy to do what we are doing right now right. A person with hope will always give hope!

  6. Thanks John! Yeah… My blog is 4.5 months old and its stuck at PR0! I certainly hope its not sandboxed by Google! 😛

    What a long list we have now
    1. Humble
    2. Humane
    3. Honest
    4. Humorous
    5. Happy
    6. Horsepower(ed) 😛
    7. Hungry
    8. Hip(py)
    9. Hardworking
    10. Hope(ful)

    More more more!

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