6 Predictions for 2007

Thinking and PredictingAmrit tagged me do my 6 predictions for 2007 last year (:mrgreen: that sounds really long ago isn’t it?)… and I’ve really been thinking about it, and I’m ready to take the challenge.

Here goes:

I think more corporations are going to start to embrace blogs as a means to reach out to its customers.

The Fortune 500 Blog Project shows an updated figure as of December 14, 2006 – we are not even halfway through, and there are already more corporate blogs than it was found in an earlier project, last updated in May! If you’d like to participate, just get on to the Wiki and sign up! I will be doing more reviews this year too!

I think community network and social media marketing will boom.

It has already, in fact. Businesses and companies already have Friendster, MySpace, and Multiply accounts, and they are using that to get messages across to people.

I think spam is going to grow so much that people are going to start thinking what their emails are for.

Look. At least 95% of my emails are spam mails. In fact, its grown so much for me, that I don’t welcome solicited mails from companies that I left my email addresses with anymore. If I’d want information, I’d Google it. If you want to tell me about your products, give me a RSS feed and you have a higher chance of success.

By the way, check out Debbie Weil’s post on RSSing yourself. Its a good starter.

I predict that VOIP calls will overtake normal telephony in urbanized cities.

People are travelling with cheaper flights, and broadband access is getting more widespread and cheaper. I’d rather pay 3 cents per minute using Skype than 20 cents per minute on a normal telephone call! It has been this way all the time, but its going to get better in 2007. People who are still not on VOIP calls are not because they still fear the Internet and computers (I think), but more gadgets like Skype enabled phones will make things a lot easier for these people to connect.

I think video editing is going to be made a whole lot easier.

We’ve heard so much about YouTube, and everybody wants to be on it! The problem? Not everybody knows the technical stuff about video editing. When there is demand for easier video editing, you can be sure someone, somewhere will come up with the product.

I think more people are going to quit their jobs, to work from home, or request to work from home.

Who likes to travel an hour, squeeze in the sardine packed trains, fight office politics and be under the breath of the boss? On the other hand, companies get to save on office rent! Go figure. :mrgreen:

So there they are, 6 predictions for 2007!

Let’s see if my foresight is good when I check back at them next year!

And… I’ll pass this on first to my other two blogtippees for this month! (Hey! Do some work! :mrgreen:) Shi Hengcheong, Andrew, and also Ted (for tagging me the other time! here’s my “revenge”! :mrgreen:) and John!

What are your 6 predictions for 2007?


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  2. Hi Kian Ann,

    Thanks for tagging me. :). I agreed that spam email is on the rising therefore it make it difficult for marketers nowadays to get people name and email address even though they are genuine. Therefore I think we need to make a change in a way that we present our material to our visitor so as to attract their attention. Instead of giving an free report now maybe we now need to give free videos just to have new sign up.

    As for the videos, indeed not many people know how to edit a video but I had found a resource that you can learn from it but you have to pay $67 for it though. If you wish to learn more you can go and take a look. http://www.videotrafficpower.com

    Hope this information help in your business!


  3. My 6 Predictions for 2007:

    1. Technorati becomes the search engine of choice.

    2. Microsoft will gain search engine market share while Google declines.

    3. Focus switch to multi-media search instead of textual content search.

    4. Smartphones prices drop with increase in functionalities and battery life. Need to design your web page smaller screen.

    5. HSDPA(High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) becomes the standard while 3G fades out.

    6. A good year to invest in Indonesia and stay low on Thailand.

  4. Shi, so from you response you feel that Google will grow too big for itself?

    I think your third point is great – there is demand for multimedia searching, I think (but not in 2007) search engines will learn to categorize images, sound and video, not based on tags, but on the real content!

  5. It’s the Law of Nature.

    It’s the Yin and Yang of the universe.

    To put it simply, whatever goes up must come down.

    Yes, Google has become too big for what it intended originally. I believe Google has peaked if not peaking soon. And going down is the only direction for Google. As the Internet grows, Google dominance will weaken.

    Buying YouTube.com does not make Google stronger as a search engine. Does it?

    As long as Eric Schmidt is the CEO, if you want to tell what is going to happen to Google, study what happened to Novell.

  6. Haha.. according to the news, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt said YouTube “complements Google’s mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”…

    So Google is not only about search huh!

    But I’d agree that they are expanding too fast… I think it is possible to build Internet giants, but at a slower rate.

  7. WOW… all those predictions are really interesting and after being bombarded with spam recently, I tend to agree with the spam thing 🙂 Look forward to seeing how your preditions pan out of the year.

  8. Heh.. That’s the fun part about predictions isn’t it? Its better than lottery, except that it doesn’t make you as much money. 😛

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