Now in Singapore, you can make money online even if you are homeless!

Make Money OnlineHaha! :mrgreen: Guess what was in the local news today!

For the next 3 years, there will be free wireless access for the public!

Here is an excerpt (source from

From 1st December, everyone in Singapore can enjoy free wireless access at public areas islandwide.

Not only does this come a month ahead of schedule, the offer has also been extended for three years, one year longer than announced previously.

Surf for free online from laptops, PDAs or mobile phones at downtown areas, major town centres, libraries, country clubs and shopping malls.

There are now 900 hotspots to tap on – courtesy of the three operators – iCELL network, QMax Communications and SingTel.

And the number looks set to grow progressively to 5000 by September next year.

50,000 users are currently using such hotspots, and the Infocomm Development Authority hopes to see a five-fold increase in two years.

One just needs to sign up with any of the three operators online or face-to-face to get an account to roam freely across the different networks islandwide.

The registration process has been made simple for those who are not tech-savvy.

Isn’t this just wonderful? So now, even the homeless has an opportunity to get online. For blogger and Internet marketers like myself – it think really, nothing can be better. I’ve experienced many times, having 4 hours in front of me before my next appointment, and I wished so much that there is a place I can sit, sip coffee, boot my laptop and blog without the hassle and worry of a hefty bill.

Now I can! :mrgreen:

Now that’s a benefit of living in a small country like Singapore. You wouldn’t need too many access points. 😀

My advice? Take good care of your laptop batteries, and get new ones if your old batteries don’t last more than 2 hours. :mrgreen: You’re going to really need them!


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  3. Yeah, Singapore wireless facilities ROCKS! Next time when I come to Singapore will not worry where to get internet access since it is already islandwide Wi-Fi…. hehe….

  4. Thanks Steven! Yeah… with island-wide Wifi, I’m now not bounded at home. Can go out and go to any major cafe and you can have good Internet access!

    Haha… I’d better not visit cafes too much though… I’m getting FAT! 😳

  5. I really love this too. I think our country is taking the right steps in really becoming the best global city in the world. And I love being here in Singapore right now. Lets blog forever! 😆