Writing to get bookmarked

Writing to get bookmarkedEveryday, I head on to Google Reader, where I have over 50 blog feeds subscribed, and I check out the new posts from these blogs.

Everyday, I will read a couple of very nice blog articles – so much so, that I will “star” this articles, or in a sense, bookmark them, so that one day when I have time I will want to come back and re-read these articles, and maybe even make a blog post on it.

Sometimes I think these “starred” blog posts added together – can sufficiently make the best selling book!

Have you ever wondered what makes you want to bookmark an article?

Looking back at my list of bookmarks that I have made, I realised that these posts all have some things in common and I have broken them down in to a couple of types. I would say that sometimes its really hard to draw the line which type a certain post is… but you get the idea.

Here are the types.

1. Quality tips and advice to do things that I am interested to accomplish

For example, Chad H. talks about “How to convert blog traffic into loyal customers“. Who doesn’t want to convert blog traffic into customers? Another example is Robyn’s Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers. Again, who doesn’t want to be an effective blogger?

2. A series of well planned posts

An example is the series of The 5 ‘R’s in better business blogging – Read, Reply, Return, Recommend, RSS. This is really like reading a 5 part story to me!

3. Posts that contain snippets of code or things like that which you know you will someday need

An example for this is an entry by a Shi Hengcheong, on Mod Rewriting Non-WWW to WWW domains, which solves the canonical domain issue.

Another one is Derek Gehl’s recent entry on the 26 danger words that will kill your sales conversion. The next time you write a sales copy, you will want to review this article and make sure you don’t use these words.

4. Tutorials, or step by step instructions

Easton has a post on a how to find corporate blogs. Follow through each step, one by one, and you will find the blog you want.

I hope my own tutorial on Installing WordPress MU on a CPanel/WHM server gets bookmarked well too. 🙂

5. Posts that aggregate useful links!

For example, Lorelle just shared her list of Firefox extensions, and Neil from Pronet Advertising shared his 50 favourite blogging resources.

Some of these posts in itself may be quite “content-less” so to speak – simply linking out to better resources, but it really shows that the authors have in fact done a lot of work and reading. So… if someone else has already done the work and is willing to share it, why not use it? :mrgreen:


So, do you want to write to get bookmarked? Make sure your post falls into either of these categories, and you will get there!


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