Building an Authoritative Blog in Technorati

Authoritative BlogsFirst, I just like to say I got to know about this from Micro Persuasion – Steve Rubel’s Blog. I really admire many of the bloggers out there, being able to keep up to date with all the latest reports and stuff.

Anyways, Steve bought out that Technorati recently released their State of Blogosphere report, and the bottom line is that the blogosphere is growing like ever before! Over 57 million blogs tracked and counting!

Down with Splogs!

Technorati is also taking action against splogs, according to the report:

Technorati has gotten much better at preventing these kinds of blogs from getting into our indexes in the first place, which may be a factor in the slight slowing in the average of new blogs created each day.

I hate splogs. Period. Its “automated pollution of the blogosphere” IMHO. So this is really good news. I hope Google, Yahoo, MSN and all the search engines do the same and kick them out too. 😈 hmmm… no.. I’m not evil. I’m thinking of good things, so pretend you didn’t see the evil smiley ya :mrgreen:.

In fact, its just an hour ago that I published my previous post on Harrah’s and I’m getting a trackback by some poker splog site. Irritating. 😡

Building an Authoritative Blog

Anyway, after reading the report, I just want to highlight the part on blog authority in Technorati.

we (Technorati) establish a blog’s authority (or influence) by tracking the number of distinct blogs that link to it over the past 6 months.

… the reported also showed a graph showing authority versus total number of posts, average age and posts per 30 days.

The very high authority blogs have this characteristics:

Bloggers of this type have been at it longer – a year and a half on average – and post nearly twice a day, … Many of the blogs in this category, in fact, are about as old as Technorati … Some of these are full-fledge professional enterprises that post many, many times per day and behave increasingly like our friends in the mainstream media.

These blogs have over 500 blogs linking to them for the past 6 months, has an average of 935 posts, have an average age of 530 days, and averages 53 posts in 30 days.


Lets break it down – how to build a very authoritative blog:

  1. 53 posts in 30 days – doable, just 2 posts every day. Get a team of bloggers working on one blog and it can easily work out.
  2. 935 posts and average age 530 days – doable but not really controllable. Start today, and you’ll get there somehow, sticking to 2 posts per day.
  3. 500 distinct blogs linking to it for the past 6 months! – now this is the real WOW. Hello?? I’m having like 16 blogs linking to me now after 2 months of frantic posting? Well, at least its in the medium authority range now.. but… 500?

How do you achieve that? Its crazy! But it sure highlight a couple of things to me – because there is only one way for this to happen.

Quality Posts. Good information. Useful content.

I mean, the only reason you will want to link to a blog is because it serves quality content, isn’t it?

Examples? I have a couple of them in my daily reads! Awesome., and – these blogs have over 4000 blogs linking to them, as reported by Technorati. Seth Godin’s blog has over 6000 links.

I think I’ve found three new idols! :mrgreen: So now, you know who to model after if you want to build an authoritative blog! I’m really going to dive in to see what these two powerful blogs have done!

Of course, if you want to find more examples, check out the Technorati Top 100.