10 good reasons why Google loves blogs!

Google Loves BlogsI’ve been wondering – there has been a lot going round about Google having a preference for blogs. Just to give a figure, I searched for “Google loves Blogs” (exact phrase match), and I got 901 results! Compare this to “Google loves Wikis” – 1 result. “Google loves forums” – 10 results. Even “Google loves content” returns only 508 results.

Alright, I know its not a good way to compare, but you get the idea.

Google Loves Blogs (here, I will make it the 902nd) :mrgreen:

But have you ever asked the question – WHY? I mean, what really differentiates a blog from a website? Which part of this website tells Google that “Hey! I’m a blog! Now love me!” :mrgreen: I’m curious, really. Is it something about blog that Google likes? Or is it that Google just has a database of all the blog engines in the whole wide world and just magically identifies blogs?

Let me do some research on what the 901 sites talk about.

First, Evidence.

Some evidence of Google loving blogs – Posts by Thomas Korte, The Disappointed Idealist, Lutrov Communications, Brad Lauster… and many more which I will not list here.

A post on Hyku.com says with some supporting evidence:

It’s a by-product of the dynamic nature of the content and the frequency of inbound links from other blogs and web sites….Launched three days ago it’s already #5 on Google for the search fpra.

Hey! I like this from GekkoBlogs:

BLOG stands for “Better Listings On Google.”

Haha… nice one, but we all know “blog” comes from “weblog” don’t we?

Next, Reasons

A post on BusinessLogs.com says:

Weblogs are chock full of archived information… The Googlebot visits my site dozens of times per day because I update it very frequently… If a thousand people link to a weblog and think that it is a worthwhile resource for news, then guess what? In my opinion, it is a valid news source.

The Blog Business Summit site has a good writeup on the Blogging Advantage, and here’s “C4Chaos” blogging about the recent Blog Business Summit on the same topic…

– Google Loves Blogs: clean architecture, focused on content, frequently updated, makes lots of pages that are never forgotten (permalinks); link love; comments

– Google loves sites that are flat and wide in terms of architecture. that’s why blogs rule 🙂

MicroContentNews has a good writeup too, the points from there are pretty similar to what I had earlier.

If you’d want, Darren Rowse (ProBlogger) and Andy can also tell you why Google Loves Blogs in their Six Figure Blogging course.

Oh! There is someone on CNN who’s saying I’m a no brainer :mrgreen:

More reasons at PSFK, albeit not in a positive sense:

Google doesn’t love blogs because of some creative, witty democratic wave of citizen journalism. They love them because blogs carry their AdSense advertising network. Google search appears to be biased towards blog content because it fits their business model.

Another post on Self SEO says:

…because of the nature of blogs; They usually have fresh relevant content on a specific topic. That’s what Google loves.

The Easy Street Business blog has something interesting too:

They observe that Google loves blogs because of their up-to-date content and accessible structure. And readers likewise find blogs relevant and personal in a way that creates conversations.

It would be a good SEO thought process to think that Google will prefer what readers will prefer. Afterall, its the job of a search engine to bring good content to readers.

Here’s another reason by GoogleRank:

Blogs are actually considered the most honest resource on the Net, therefore they’re taken in great consideration by Google.

And another one by Completely Geeked:

Blogs are a rich source of timely content, which is exactly what the search engines’ customers are looking for. Google loves blogs so much they purchased Blogger.com…

Well, I shall read “timely content” different from “frequent updates”. In a sense, your updates can be frequent but you may not be providing the latest news. So yeah, some blogs like the Blog Herald provide breaking news and its so much easier now than before because its so easy to craft a blog post and click publish.

Summing up – 10 good reasons for Google to love blogs!

So here we have – the 10 reasons why Google loves blogs – from Bloggers out there, for Bloggers out there!

  1. Blogs are full of archived information
  2. Blogs are updated frequently
  3. Blogs have good and relevant incoming and outgoing links
  4. Blogs have a clean architecture
  5. Blogs are focused on content
  6. Blogs have lots of comments which add to the content
  7. Blogs carry advertising for Google
  8. Blogs focus on a niche topic
  9. Blogs are (well, supposed to be) honest resources
  10. Blogs have timely content (aka the hottest news)

Maybe one day I should really talk in depth about these reasons. The other thing I want to try if possible is to build a normal website with all these 10 properties, but is not done with a blogging engine… I wonder if Google will still love me. Heh. My guess is that it would.

So what if Google loves blogs? My answer – so it means its time for you to start blogging! Start your corporate blog or start a niche content blog which you can monetize! Be a blogopreneur! 🙂

Any more to add anyone?