Do you consider these legitimate posts?

I’m irritated!

Wanting to be on the edge of the news (or maybe, at least, the first ones to know), I was subscribed to Google Alerts to drop me messages whenever anything happens on the net about “Make money blogging”

I got an alert with 3 sites. Guess what 2 of them are? Here’s one:

Blog Spam 1

And here’s the second:

Blog Spam 2

Content-less and keyword stuffed blogs. All they do is collect excerpts from other blogs and make a post… and Google actually pick these up and makes an alert out of them?

Update: After some analysis, I notice that this phenomenon happens only in money related topics like “Make Money Blogging” or “Blogging for Dollars” or things like that. My other alerts for “Corporate Blogging” and “Blog Marketing” give me good and relevant results. Is this ugly side of the net or what?

Yes, this is not really “content theft” in a sense that they do make a link back, and they don’t actually post the whole content as a whole, but there is absolutely no original commentary at all! You call that blogging?

Are these legitimate sites in Google’s eyes?


  1. In Google’s eyes, these posts are not legitimate. I’m pretty sure on that because they add no value to the work or to the Web. The goal of a search engine is to help human users find the information that they need quickly, these sites do not achieve that goal.

    However, these sites are frustrating to me because they aren’t copyright violations and can’t be shut down easily. The best approach to stop these sites is for the major search engines to stand up and get rid of them.

    Sadly, I don’t see that happening.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Jonathan! There is always a war between the technology in Google versus the tricks they use. I guess someday technology will chase up with them and clean up the web a little.