Firefox 2.0 Released!

Firefox 2Firefox users, head on to the Firefox homepage and get your copy now! (Yeah, I’m blogging on FF2.0 now)

What’s new with Firefox 2? The release notes says it all – phishing protection, better search capabilities, improved tabbed browsing, resuming browsing session, built in spell checker… and so on.

I particularly love two of these features.

Spell checker

In order to get started with spell checking in Firefox, you need to first install a dictionary (which comes as a Firefox extension). You can either go to here to get your dictionary, or just right click on a text field and find “Add dictionaries” in the context menu.

After adding a dictionary, you will need to reboot the browser and wallah! As you type, a red line appears on any misspelled word as you type! No need for Google toolbar spell checker anymore! Makes it easier for me to blog!

Previewing and subscribing to Web feeds

Feed Preview

With Firefox 2, you can now have a preview of the feeds in a more friendly way (like what FeedBurner does actually), and you can add it straight to Google Reader, Bloglines, My Yahoo! or store it as a Live bookmark.

Well, if you are using any of these three readers, then its great, if not, you can also add any Web service that handles RSS feeds.

Resuming your browsing session

Oh! One more… which I haven’t explored yet. According to the release notes, Firefox 2 is supposed to have a session restore feature, and it sounds great too.

The Session Restore feature restores windows, tabs, text typed in forms, and in-progress downloads from the last user session. It will be activated automatically when installing an application update or extension, and users will be asked if they want to resume their previous session after a system crash.

I think Firefox 2 is wonderful! Well, I think it adds to the surfing experience by having friendlier options. However, I did note that the startup time for the application takes longer. Oh, and the other thing – with the new system, some of my old extensions did not work. So I guess I will have to find replacements for them. 🙂 Not a big deal.

Two browser updates within a week! What’s next?

Oh, one more thing. Apparently, Microsoft sent the Firefox team a cake for shipping Firefox 2! Read the comments – hilarious! :mrgreen:

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