Using WordPress MU 1.0 – Subdomains or Subdirectories?

WordPress MUWordPress announced the release so WordPress MU 1.0 and bbPress! Finally, after over a year of development (according to the post), its ready!

For the uninitiated, WordPress MU is the multi-user version of WordPress… well, I’d say its more “multiple blogs”, instead of multi-user, since WordPress already allows for multiple authors.

I’ve tried the beta WordPress MU on one of my servers before, but I haven’t really worked on it further beyond installation and setting up of a couple of blogs. Maybe I should give it another go one of these days. Its fun to have blogs created on the fly! Great especially if you want to set up multiple blogs on the same domain. WP MU allows you to create blogs in either different subdirectories or subdomains.

Which is better? Subdomains or subdirectories?

From the SEO point of view, it really depends on what you want.

Search engines treat different subdomains as different entities, so if your idea is to have different websites focusing on different topics, subdomains are good. On the other hand, if the blogs are going to be related, then it might be better to put everything under one domain, separating them by directories. This way, to the search engine, all the content from the different blogs will contribute to one domain. In a sense, you will have one big website!

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