The Fortune 500 Blogs Project

Fortune 500 CompaniesFinally, I’m more or less done with the miscellaneous stuff I have to settle, and I can get started on the work for the Fortune 500 Blogs Project. I came by this project after surfing on to Business BlogWire and the author Easton was asking for volunteers for a corporate blogging group project.

So I dived into it.

Fortune 500 Blog Project

So what is this project about? Here’s the description on the wiki.

The Fortune 500 Blog Project is an independent, volunteer-driven project to identify and evaluate public-facing corporate blogs owned and/or operated by Fortune 500 companies. Secondary purposes of this project include finding out to what degree Fortune 500 companies are using internal corporate blogs, and highlighting blogs that discuss Fortune 500 companies.

Here is the offical list of Fortune 500 companies.

So I picked five to start with, Disney, 3M, Capital One, Harrah’s Entertainment and Hersheys.

Actually in my daily surfing I have came across two other similar projects – the Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki, and Fortune 500 Blogs

Time to me start on my research!

Oh, and if you are interested to participate, please do! It’ll be fun! You can read Easton’s post with more details about signing up.