How to write blog posts for SEO

Focus your blog postsMany people have asked me – what and how did you write so much for your blog, and hey, your content is interesting! I think learning how to write blog posts is a skill and an art.

I would like to say I spend a lot of time on the Internet, reading and researching, trying out new things, modelling from the experts… Over time, I’ve learn to write better posts, and find better content. This comes with time and practise, really.

Okay, so, how to write blog posts for search optimization?

It is important to know that every single blog post will eventually become a “page” for the blog. In blogging terms, we call it permalinks. For example, my previous post has the permalink address of

This means that, while the post may disappear from the main page of the blog, you can always get to the same post by following the permalink.

So what, you may ask?

Search optimization is all about TARGETING. It means that you MUST target each and every post to one or two keywords. To be frank, its just 5 minutes ago that I posted about my Alexa Ranking, and I could well lump the text in this post together with the previous post…

But I didn’t.

Every post must be focused on one topic, so when the reading reads the posts, he or she will have ONE idea, or make ONE decision, or learn ONE thing. Focus focus focus!

I’m very impressed by – and this guy behind the PR7 blog is Darren Rowse, a full time blogger and photo fanatic (which I yearn to be too, except that I do not have the resources yet :P) Anyway, in his blog, he also shared about developing a focal point in blog posts. He shares:

Try to cover too much ground in the one post and you run the risk of overwhelming your readers. While there’s nothing wrong with having multiple points in a post – I generally try to keep them to one larger idea per post.

Remember. ONE idea, ONE decision, or ONE learning point. Focus focus focus!

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